Best Juicers That Keep Fiber Via Pulp Control

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We’ve always been told to eat our fruits and vegetables but modern lifestyles have contributed to unhealthy eating habits. Juicing at home is a cost-effective option to eating whole fruits and vegetables but have you ever wondered if extracting only juice from them is a good idea? For those who are not getting enough fiber in their diet but want to try juicing at home, we recommend the best juicers that keep fiber at least in a small amount.

Fruit and vegetable pulp provides roughage that aids in having a healthy gut and keeps you regular. Studies suggest that when we juice fruit, we lose a lot of vitamins and minerals that were there in the pulp or fiber. Experts suggest that it is good to have some pulp in your juice as it enhances the volume of the drinks and fills your stomach so that you feel less hungry. Juices with pulp are beneficial for weight loss as they give you the right number of calories, keep you full for longer, and you avoid dramatic sugar spikes that are possible if you only drink the juice. 


Top masticating juicer pick

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Masticating Slow Juicer

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Masticating Slow Juicer

  • Unique filter basket for easiest cleaning

  • Course, fine, and ice cream strainers plus pulp control lever

  • Very quiet
  • Top centrifugal juicer pick

    Mueller Austria Centrifugal Juicing Machine

    Mueller Austria Centrifugal Juicing Machine

  • Fast juicing due to wide chute

  • Two speeds for soft or hard produce

  • Allows some pulp to flow through with juice
  • Top citrus juicer pick

    Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

    Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

  • 1 button press automated operation

  • Works with almost any size citrus fruit

  • Choice of 2 pulp control filters
  • Ways to do Juicing with Pulp

    One way to ensure you get some fiber when juicing is to add some of the expelled pulp back to your glass of juice. However, an easier and tastier way is to allow some of the pulp to pass through along with the juice.

    The ordinary juicers available in the market don’t give you an option of controlling the amount of pulp you want to be retained in your juice. Only the juicers that have either two strainers or a pulp control setting provide you with this option. The former kind is specially designed with two mesh filters – a fine mesh to allow no pulp to pass through and one coarse mesh to allow some fiber through. If you really don’t like your juice to have any pulp for digestive reasons or just taste, then we can also recommend the best juicers that remove all pulp.

    There are various kinds of juicing appliances available in the market these days but the most common ones are Horizontal Masticating, Vertical masticating, Centrifugal, and Citrus. Masticating Juicers are the ones that press the fruit or vegetable against a sharp screen with the help of an augur and extract the juice from the produce. The vertical masticating juicers amongst these types tend to not remove all the pulp while the horizontal ones remove all the fiber and extract only highly nutritious juice.

    The centrifugal juicers shred the fruits and vegetables that are fed into them and the juice is extracted from the fine pieces by spinning them at high speed. The juice extracted from centrifugal juicers contains some amount of pulp and fiber but most come with a fine mesh to separate this fiber.

    Until only quite recently, you couldn’t find a juicer that keeps the pulp if you wanted or removed it entirely if you didn’t. Now, more advanced juicers include an option to control the amount of pulp that goes into your juice.

    We have sorted the following reviews by juicer type so that you can easily find yourself the best juicer with pulp option.


    Masticating Juicers

    Omega VRT 350 Vertical Low Speed Juicer

    Omega VRT 350 Vertical Low Speed JuicerThe Omega VRT 350 Vertical Low Speed Juicer is a vertical masticating juicer that operates at a speed of 80RPM (rotations per minute). The juicer is designed to extract juice twice, firstly it extracts the juice from the pulp by squeezing it, and then it squeezes the pulp to draw out the juice that remains in the pulp, thus resulting in a very dry pulp.

    The best part about this juicer is that it has two strainers and gives you control over the amount of fiber in your juice. On the days you want just the juice you can use the finer strainer and use the coarse one when you want the juice to be accompanied by some fiber.

    This juicer comes with two 64-ounce containers – one that collects the juice and the other one collects the dry pulp. It uses a single auger to squeeze the produce at a low speed and the powerful motor ensures that you can juice even tough and fibrous vegetables. It produces very little froth and limits the oxidation process. You need not worry about something getting stuck in the jar as it also has a reverse option to unclog a jam. However, you do need to cut up very fibrous produce into small pieces.

    You can pour water from the top and through the chute to rinse it out in between different ingredients. It is easy to take apart for rinsing and then easy to assemble by simply twisting the parts into one another. However, you have to be careful to regularly deep clean all the little nooks and crannies because food can get stuck in them over time and develop mold.

    You can be sure of its durability as it comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Super easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • Operates at low speed and produces less noise.
  • Leftover pulp is automatically ejected.

  • There are lots of small crevices that can quickly get moldy if not cleaned regularly.
  • Very fibrous produce needs to be cut up into small pieces.

    Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer

    Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and MincerThe Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar is a two in one solution for more of your food processing needs. You can mince and juice in the same machine with the included mincer attachment, so there is no need to buy a separate gadget for sorbets, salsas, sauces and more. The juicer operates at 47 RPM so it produces the least amount of oxidation possible for this type of juicer. It also makes very little noise.

    It has a 200-watt motor and has a three-step speed reduction process. The high torque reduces the risk of jamming. The specially designed duo-blade auger allows you to add the produce in large pieces, as it can cut them up fast before crushing them. It also gives you more juice and less froth.

    The juicer comes with a single strainer, therefore, doesn’t allow you to control the amount of pulp that flows through to your glass. However, the juice extracted has a considerable amount of pulp in it. The whole juicing process is faster than with many other slow juicers because of the large chute and ability to feed in larger pieces. Along with that, the juicer’s slow RPM will help you retain most of the vitamins and minerals in the juice. So, if you are a person who just prefers some pulp over completely clear juice, this one’s for you.

    It has a cap that prevents leakage and drips so that cleaning this becomes extremely easy for you. You can easily close the cap before adding water and pre-rinse the juicing screen.


  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • Large chute allows for faster juicing and barely any need for the plunger.
  • A multi-tasker for your mincing and juicing needs.

  • Has one strainer and doesn’t allow you to get completely pulp-free juice.

    Hurom H101 Easy Clean Masticating Slow Juicer

    Hurom H101 Easy Clean Masticating Slow JuicerThe Hurom H101 Easy Clean Masticating Slow Juicer provides you with 43 rotations per minute and needs 150 watts to operate. This is probably the best juicer with fiber control options, as it has not one or two but three strainers – a coarse, fine, and ice-cream strainer. You can use the coarse and fine strainers to get thick or thin juice. You can also make ice creams with the help of the ice cream blank. It also has a control lever that allows you to control the amount of pulp in your juice.

    The juicer uses a slow squeezing process to give you the best and nutritious juice.

    Another thing that users have loved about this juicer is it’s easy to clean. With the elongated grooves instead of mesh holes, you just have to rinse the strainers under water and it’s done. This makes it one of the easiest to clean juicer.

    There’s very little waste left inside the juicer, as the chamber is set at a 3-degree tilt to make it easier to pour out all the juice. The pulp waste that is generated will be collected in the juicer itself and can be thrown later. The pulp outlet can be opened and closed so that all the pulp is flushed out when you want.


  • Scrub-free and fast cleaning.
  • Can juice with or without fiber and make ice creams too.
  • Very quiet.


  • Poor service by the manufacturer.
  • Stringy vegetables must be cut into smaller pieces.

    Centrifugal Juicers

    Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra

    Mueller Austria Juicer UltraThe Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra is a must-have centrifugal juicer if you want something quite powerful. This is the juicer for speedy juicing as its motor revs up to 18000 RPM. You can also adjust the speed as it can operate on two levels – 1(ranges from 12000-15000 RPM) and 2(ranges from 15000 to 18000). You can adjust the speed according to the fruit or vegetable you are wanting to juice. 1 is ideal for softer fruit, while 2 is good for harder fruits and vegetables. There is an overload protection system that turns off the machine if it gets overheated or jammed.

    The juicer wide mouth chute with a plunger, a centrifugal bowl with blades surrounded by fine mesh to separate the pulp from the juice, and a filter bowl with a spout. It does not allow you to control the amount of pulp that goes into your juice, however, customers say that this juicer leaves a lot of pulp in your juice. There is also a pulp collector and juice jug.

    The juicer is extremely easy to clean as you can detach almost all parts and clean them. It has a safety locking arm for foolproof operation. You can assemble the parts and lock the arm, which makes the set-up secure for operation.


  • All parts are detachable to make cleaning easy.
  • Easy to juice fruits can be fed in large chunks.
  • Silicone feet keep the unit firm and stable while juicing.


  • Hard to juice produce should be cut up and fed a little at a time.
  • Pulp produced is quite moist.

    Aicook Dual Speed Centrifugal Juicer

    Aicook Dual Speed Centrifugal JuicerThe Aicook Dual Speed Centrifugal Juicer features a compact design that makes it easy to assemble, dismantle and clean. With its stainless steel blade and 3 layer mesh filter basket, this machine efficiently extracts juice with more vitamins and minerals. However, be prepared to get some pulp in your juice.

    The motor noise level is lower than 60 dB, which makes it relatively quieter than other centrifugal juicers.

    The juicer machine is dual-speed controlled so you can choose the speed to suit your taste. For soft fruits, such as oranges, tomatoes and others, the low speed of 12000-15000 RPM is suitable, while 15000-18000 RPM is for hard fruits like carrot, celery, beets, kale and others.

    The juicer comes with an oversized juice jar, a pulp collector, and a transparent cover so you can watch the extraction process. The 3″ wide chute lets you feed in large pieces of fruit to speed up prep time. The anti-drip spout design stops dripping immediately after lifting the spout at the end of juicing. It also features a safety locking mechanism to prevent the basket from detaching and flying out while juicing.

    It comes with parts that are dishwasher friendly, which makes cleanup a breeze. Just rinse the parts with warm water after use, and they’ll all be clean. Additionally, a cleaning brush is included for cleaning the pulp from the blades, filter, and other parts.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Fast juice extraction.
  • Not as noisy as other centrifugal juicers.


  • Not good for leafy greens as they get stuck in the blades.
  • Juices citrus fruits and hard fruits to create a better yield. Otherwise, the pulp is pretty moist.

    Electric Citrus Juicers

    Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

    Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus JuicerThe Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer is the original electric citrus juicer that allows you to control how much pulp you get in your juice. You can use this juicer to make tasty and healthy orange juice for your breakfast or lime juice for your salsa at dinner.

    The feature that most users love about this juicer is its pulp control mechanism – high, medium, or low and all this just by adjusting the reamer position. Then you just have to place the fruit on the reamer and press down to let the juicer do its work. When you release pressure and then press down again, the reamer reverses direction to get that last bit of juice left in the fruit. Once you’re done with all your pieces of citrus, close the lid over the reamer and press down over that. All the pulp that has collected in the juicer will be squeezed dry as well, so there’s no waste at all.

    There’s a long spout that you can turn upwards once your juice collector is full so that there are no drips when you change or finish.

    All the parts of the juicer are detachable and dishwasher safe. Unlike other juicers, you just have to detach all parts and put them in a dishwasher or hand wash them. The re-assembly of the parts is also super easy.


  • Easily detachable parts that are dishwasher safe.
  • Gives you the option to control the amount of pulp.
  • Auto-reversing reamer and last mile juicing ensures no waste.


  • Some users have claimed bad warranty service by the manufacturer.
  • Tendency to get some skin from the rind if you press down too hard.

    BELLA Electric Citrus Juicer

    BELLA Electric Citrus JuicerThe BELLA Electric Citrus Juicer is not only good-looking but also works super well. The juicer is pressure activated and you just need to press the fruit a little over the reamer and the juicer will take care of it. The motor of this juicer requires 30 watts to operate. This juicer gives you an option to control the pulp content of the juice via a pulp control dial that can be adjusted according to your preference.

    The juicer has two cones to extract juices of any sized citrus fruit to the fullest. It also auto-reverses when you release pressure and reactivate so that every bit of juice is extracted.

    The juice collector doubles as a jug with a handle and spout, so there’s no need for another pitcher.

    The assembly of the parts is super easy. You can detach all the plastic components and place them in a dishwasher for washing. The pitcher also has measurement marks so you know the exact quantity of juice you have at any point in time. The leftover pulp after juicing goes into its pulp collector for easy disposal.


  • Great value electric citrus juicer.
  • Two cones for maximum juice extraction.
  • Pulp control mechanism.


  • The build quality isn’t the best.
  • Very Loud.

    Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

    Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus JuicerThe Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer juicer is rated at 50 Watts and comes with a unique feature in that it will never make your juice bitter, as it automatically senses the thickness of the citrus rind and juices the fruit without breaking skin.

    It operates with a 1 button press. All you have to do is place the citrus half over the reamer, close the lid and start. The juicer will do all the work on its own and stop when the piece of fruit is fully extracted. This is great for those with arthritic hands.

    This juicer comes with a fine and coarse filter which can be used accordingly for the amount of pulp requirement in the juice. It doesn’t create a lot of froth. The juice collector is a large reservoir of 12 oz capacity, so you can juice for many people at the same time. You can keep the dispenser closed if you don’t want to dispense the juice until the reservoir has filled up enough.

    After juicing you need not worry about the cleaning effort, as you can just disassemble all the parts, put them into the dishwasher, and your job is done. The filters collect all the seeds and residue so you can just remove it and rinse. No fear of the thing getting jammed.


  • All parts are detachable and easy to clean.
  • Hands-free juicing.
  • Juices any size citrus fruit.
  • One coarse and one fine filter.

  • A little expensive.

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