How to Keep French Press Coffee Hot

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Besides a cold brew, nobody likes a cold or even lukewarm cup of coffee in the morning. But there will be those times when you’d need to heat some coffee for yourself. But, what should you do if your fresh cup of French press becomes cold? And how can you prevent that from happening? Though there are easy ways to heat up your coffee, some may find them inconvenient not to mention that doing so changes the body and flavor of coffee.

Through the use of certain appliances and methods, you can keep hot and fresh french press coffee waiting for you. Read through this article to find out how to keep french press coffee hot.



Does a French Press Keep Coffee Hot?

Some french press makers aren’t made with the right materials to keep coffee hot for a long time. Thin glass simply can’t retain the heat too well, so if you like being able to see how the coffee is being brewed then opt for a thick-walled glass press. For keeping brewed coffee hot for up to 15 minutes, it will work pretty well.

Note that it is highly advised that coffee not be kept in traditional french presses beyond its brewing time, as this will cause over-extraction resulting in gritty, bitter-tasting coffee. This is because the grounds remain in context with the brewed coffee unless the design of the filter separates them. Every method of brewing requires a tight frame of time to prevent your cup of coffee from being weak or too strong.

Single-walled steel French presses will lose heat rapidly, as metal is a great conductor of heat. However, the use of double-walled steel french press makers is highly suggested to keep coffee hot for a long time.


Best Water Temperature for French Press Coffee

When you add water to your french press, the temperature is very important when considering the extraction process. Boiling hot water is never recommended by brewers when making french press coffee, as such a high temperature will most likely burn the grounds. The best french press coffee temperature can be achieved even without a thermometer. Just wait 30-60 seconds after turning off your kettle for the perfect water temperature to add to your grounds in the french press. This temperature, ideal for extracting flavors from ground coffee, will be around 190-195 Fahrenheit degrees.

However, some consider a temperature of 195 Fahrenheit degrees or higher for a french press brew due to the glass carafe. The glass in a french press is known to reduce the temperature of the water before it properly interacts with the coffee grounds. But if you’re using a steel french press, then keep the temperature at around 190 Fahrenheit degrees or just wait 30-60 seconds after a boil.

Coffee Warmer


How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh in a Thermos?

Keeping hot coffee in a thermos is one of the most commonly used ways to maintain the initial temperature. But for how long would it stay fresh? In a low-quality thermos, it will keep its initial taste and temperature for about 6 hours. The material and vacuum-sealed cap of the flask will make sure the coffee doesn’t react with oxygen and change temperature or flavor. A premium flask will be able to keep your coffee hot and fresh for up to 12 hours. There are even flasks available that can keep it hot for up to 18 hours; a way to keep coffee hot for a party or meeting.


How to Keep French Press Coffee Hot

There are proven ways to keep french press coffee hot beyond the obvious and not recommended reheat solutions. Some of them are simple, while others require extra appliances. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most efficient ways to keep your coffee hot.

Brew Smaller Batches

For those who want their coffee as hot and fresh as it would be immediately after brewing, it is recommended to avoid reheating the coffee later on. You might be risking flavor and freshness if you reheat your coffee hours later. Instead, brewing just enough for yourself or for company at the time of consumption will prevent any loss of flavor and keep the coffee hot and fresh. If you require more, then brew more. This way, you’ll always have hot french press coffee.


Preheat Your French Press and Your Mug

If you’re using a traditional glass french press, then you can preheat your french press by adding very hot water to it while your actual coffee-making water is heating. Right before you insert the coffee grounds in the filter, throw the preheating water out. After setting up the filter with the coffee inside the carafe, pour the fresh hot water in. By doing this, instead of the glass cooling down the coffee-making water, it is already preheated, increasing the time your coffee will stay hot. This method of preheating also works for stainless steel french presses. Your coffee mug can also be preheated the same way.


Use a French Press Cozy

Nandy’s Nook french press cozy

Essentially a sweater for your french press, a cozy is hand crocheted with yarn to comfortably fit onto your french press and have it retain heat. This is probably the best way to keep coffee hot. A Nandy’s Nook french press cozy, for example, is a great accessory that works very well as a french press warmer, and a fun accessory to give it a different look. Cozies are made not only for french presses but also for coffee mugs.


Transfer the Coffee to a Thermos or Double-walled Carafe

Using a thermos is a great way to keep french press coffee hot. A coffee thermos essentially seals itself entirely, causing a vacuum inside it that keeps the heat from escaping. Your coffee will maintain its initial high temperature for hours in a thermos.

Saint Anthony Industries Filibuster Double Wall Glass Coffee Carafe with Lid

Another great way to keep your coffee hot is by transferring it to a double-walled glass carafe. This is a carafe mostly used in France as a water pitcher and for wine. It is made of insulated borosilicate glass and comes with a lid. Using a glass carafe, such as the Saint Anthony Industries Filibuster carafe, will keep your coffee hot for hours and can endure extreme temperatures as well.


Use a Thermal French Press

Bodum COLUMBIA Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

How to keep coffee hot in a french press once it’s brewed? Most French Press coffee makers are made of a single wall of glass, which is great for letting you see through to its contents but bad at retaining heat on its own. Single-walled steel French presses will lose heat rapidly too, as metal is a great conductor of heat. However, a french press that keeps coffee hot for at least a couple of hours is a double-walled French press. This eliminates the need for any other implement to do the job.

ESPRO P7 French Press

In particular, the ESPRO P7 French Press and the Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Machine work great for keeping coffee hot for a few hours. The double-walled stainless steel insulation and vacuum-sealed top preserves the heat of the coffee for a long time, while the double micro-filter keeps your cup free of grit and sludge.

With just one press down on the plunger, the coffee stops extracting and you get coffee free of bitterness and over-extraction, from the first cup to the last. Once the extraction stops, all the coffee liquid is separated from the grounds and sits in the double-walled insulation flask until you pour a cup. A french press like this keeps coffee hot for 2-3 hours, which should be enough time for most people.

If you’re the type to drink your coffee as soon as it’s brewed then you can easily consider one of these top rated French Presses too.


Drink from a Thermal Mug

YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated, Stainless Steel with MagSlider Lid

Using a thermal mug is also a very common way to keep coffee hot, especially in cold regions. With the help of a thermally-induced vacuum, this mug can keep coffee hot for many hours. A Yeti Rambler thermal mug is a good choice for multiple reasons. Its slider lid keeps any drink well contained without any leakage and can preserve hot liquid for a long time. The impressive build quality overall makes it a highly durable mug.


Use a Smart Mug or Mug Warmer

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Using a smart mug is a very convenient and hassle-free method of keeping coffee hot. The mug controls its heating settings as per the temperature of the coffee inside it. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is highly suggested due to its advanced technology that regulates temperatures well, and it comes with an app that allows you full control through your phone. However, it isn’t only controlled by the app and can function on its own. It wakes up to start heating when it senses liquid inside it and goes to sleep during any period of inactivity. A smart LED light at the bottom of the mug indicates whether the coffee is being heated or whether it’s cooling down.

Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer

A mug warmer, such as the Vobaga mug warmer, can also be used to keep your coffee consistently hot for a little over 4 hours and usually comes along with a mug. This warmer can be used to keep other liquids hot, as well. The auto shut-off feature makes sure the mug doesn’t get too hot for your hands when you decide to drink your coffee.


How to Reheat French Press Coffee

Though reheating can be detrimental to the freshness and flavor profile of coffee, there are a couple of ways to do it. Heating coffee in a microwave is usually the most recommended and easiest method, as long as it doesn’t reach boiling point. A shorter heating time is generally advised to prevent any major change in flavor.

Reheating on a stove is also a way, but not at all a recommended one due to its tendency to scorch or burn the coffee. It will also reach boiling point faster this way and could potentially ruin the flavor of your coffee.


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