Best Egg Poacher Reviews 2020

Best Poached Egg Makers

A poached egg can be a very healthy yet decadent breakfast, lunch or dinner option as there is no fat used to cook it. A firm white and warm runny yolk makes for a great topping for avocado toast or a sauce for a plate of noodles. You can even simply serve a hollandaise sauce … Read more

What is the Best Handheld Milk Frother 2020?

Best Handheld Milk Frother

If you’re a fan of smooth and frothy lattes or cappuccinos and want one first thing in the morning or don’t want to spend the money at your local coffee shop, making them at home is not as hard as it would appear. You don’t need an expensive space guzzling espresso machine that also steams … Read more

Pizzarette Countertop Pizza Oven Review

Pizzarette Classic 6 Person Model

Whether you’re a family that likes to have some fun meals together or you’re a host wanting to have a fun party, one way to do it is to have every person make his or her own mini pizzas. That way, each person can customize the toppings and they can decide whether the pizza should … Read more

Battle of the Best: Zojirushi Vs Breville Vs Cuisinart Vs T-Fal Bread Makers

home made bread

If you and members of your family are serious bread lovers that like making and eating your own bread, you probably have either already used a bread machine or are considering buying one. There are quite a few home models to choose from that offer different loaf sizes, a few programmable modes and the ability … Read more

Best Fat Separator Reviews

Bellemain 4-Cup Fat Separator

When you’re making stocks, gravies or soups from scratch, or want to save roast pan juices for immediate use and you don’t have time to refrigerate the liquid so that skimming off the solidified fat from the top is easy, you will need a fat separator to do this quickly and without making a mess. … Read more

Best Compact Refrigerator 2020

RCA IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

An extra refrigerator can always come in handy when you’re entertaining at home but that doesn’t mean that it’s feasible. Maybe your office has a pantry where you can make coffee and stash dry snacks, but what if you pack a lunch and have no cool place to keep it fresh until you eat it? … Read more