KitchenAid Torrent Magnetic Drive Blender Review

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Owning an excellent quality blender can save you time as well as the effort when pulsing vegetables, prepping your favorite juices, crushing ice or more. While there is a vast selection of blender models, types, and, brands available in the market today, KitchenAid Torrent Magnetic Drive Blender is one of the few blender models that combines power, style, functionality, and the latest technology. In fact, it can go toe to toe with a Vitamix or Blendtec.

What differentiates the Torrent blender from others is the fact that the metal or plastic gear that drives the blades is replaced by a magnetic drive. This eliminates a hole at the bottom of the jar where the gears are fixed and therefore eliminates any possibility of leakage.

It is also designed for hands off use. Just insert the jar in its place, make your speed or pre-programmed selection and let it go.

You can find the KitchenAid Torrent on Amazon right now but if you’d like to take a closer look at its features, read on! We also have a video at the end to show you how it works.

Design and Features of the Kitchenaid Torrent Blender

Preset controls and manual speed controlsChristened the torrent blender because of its unsurpassed performance, the Torrent features an iconic design that allows it to fit elegantly in your kitchen cabinet, so you can keep it on display at all times.

  • Armed with KitchenAid’s magnetic drive technology with Magna lock system, the Torrent is a total game changer in terms of innovation in the high performance blender category. The Magna Lock and magnetic drive technology locks the jug in place and drives power into the blades.
    This is how the magnetic drive and lock system works: Since the blender’s blades are sealed at the base of the jar, the blender comes with a magnetic disc at the base. This implies that, instead of slotting the jug into a motor shaft like most blenders, the jug is simply pushed into the appliance sideways where it slides effortlessly. The Magna lock lever then locks the jug into place after encountering another disc at the base. This magnetic drive contact forces power into the blender. The locking lever also allows easy removal of the jar.

  • Other additional features that makes the Kitchen Aid Torrent stand out in the blender segment is a Diamond Blending System, an Intelli-Speed control technology, and a seven year limited warranty.
    The diamond system checks that all the ingredients mix and blend collectively and efficiently. The diamond system includes the BPA free diamond pitcher, a strong motor, stainless steel blades, and electronic controls that work jointly to form a powerful vortex that’s quick and meticulous for outstanding blending results.
    On the other hand, the Intelli-speed control technology optimizes the blade speed robotically to ensure effective crushing of ingredients.

  • The blenders also sports a 1.8 peak HP motor that makes it one of the most efficient and most powerful blenders available in the market. This kind of power ensures that it is able to make smooth and silky soups, sauces, milkshakes and many more. It even out performs Vitamix and Blendtec when it comes to consistency of nut butters!
    While this unit can make quite a racket while in operation, it hardly needs to run at full pelt, and if it has to, it is only in a jiffy. This is because the Torrent employs special algorithms that dictate the speed as it is working various ingredients.
    These special algorithms come in the form of pre-set recipe adapti-blend programs for juice, soups, milkshakes, and smoothies. This special feature allows you to just slide in the pitcher, select your favorite recipe at the push of a button, and then walk away. The blender will decide the speed and the amount of time needed for blending. It is, however, important to note that each adapti-blend recipe is distinct and has a variety of speeds designed for a particular recipe output that gives amazing results.

    Die cast metal bodyFor example if the machine is making a smoothie with strawberry, it will launch gradually as it slices up the ingredient then accelerates for a few seconds, then turn off when finished. It will then produce an audible alarm to alert you that your favorite drink is ready to be served.
    If you desire extra control, you can manage the speed manually or employ the soft-start feature or the pulse function. For example if you want to do a subtle mixing job, you can adjust the speed to as low as 400 revolutions per minute, which is unusual for a blender.


  • The 60-ounce pitcher offers a generous size and allows you to process large or small quantities of your favorite juice. The pitcher is made from a BPA free polycarbonate instead of glass. A design feature that the manufacturer could have capitalized on aggressively to create extra channels and a more powerful vortex that allows more efficient blending that would have otherwise become impossible with glass. The polycarbonate also reduces the weight of the blender when full making it easier to lift.

  • Adding ingredients to this unit is also easy. This is because the blender comes with an ingredient feed and funnel that allows you to safely add ingredients as you blend, while using a dishwater safe measuring cup. This feature also allows you to control the level of the blending without having to start afresh. This means that with the ingredient feed and funnel you can even add ingredients when the blending process is almost ending.

    Available in 3 colors
    The KitchenAid Torrent Magnetic Drive Blender is available in Sugar pearl white, candy apple red and onyx black



    The Pros

    • The KSB5010SR boasts a good all-round performance and ensures good performance.
    • It has a good range of speeds, and the Pre-Set Recipe Adapti-Blend Programs make it even better because they remove guesswork out of blending and you can continue with other activities as your juice blends.
    • Long term risk of leaking is eliminated because of the magnetic drive.
    • Its powerful motor ensures quick and effective crushing of ice. Also does nut butters better than a Vitamix or Blendtec.
    • The jug is easy to clean

    The Cons

    • Costs a pretty penny.
    • The blades are non-detachable from the pitcher.
    • It is loud at maximum speeds.
    • The pulse is not incredibly receptive.
    • Besides being made of plastic, the blender can feel heavy even when empty because of its magnetic base.

    Now that you know about the Torrent, go to now Amazon to check price and read more customer reviews.

    Kitchenaid Torrent Blender Demo


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