Why do K-Cups Explode?

K-Cups Explode

Have you ever put k-cups into a coffee maker only to find your countertop all messed up due to the k-cup exploding? Many users have complained about their k-cups exploding as soon as they put them in the coffee maker. Not only is it scary, but it is also super inconvenient as you will have … Read more

How to Keep French Press Coffee Hot

Keep French Press Coffee Hot

Besides a cold brew, nobody likes a cold or even lukewarm cup of coffee in the morning. But there will be those times when you’d need to heat some coffee for yourself. But, what should you do if your fresh cup of French press becomes cold? And how can you prevent that from happening? Though … Read more

Can a Deep Fryer Catch Fire?

Is a Deep Fryer Safe

A deep fryer can be a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you like to cook. But at the same time, you may have heard that it can easily catch on fire. Is that really the case? Safety is always a top priority when cooking, so it’s important to answer this question. In this … Read more