Best Pod Coffee Maker Reviews 2024

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The first cup of your favorite coffee blend can be enhanced with one of the best pod coffee makers on the market while offering everyone in the family the blend that they want. Fast and convenient, pod coffee makers, also called single brew coffee makers, are designed to serve a single cup of coffee with the least amount of fuss, saving you that half pot that you are currently pouring down the drain because it doesn’t get consumed.

Ounce for ounce, pods cost a little more than regular ground coffee, but you can make up for this cost by not wasting a drop or using refillable pods. You must keep in mind, however, that if you’re the kind that likes to try out a few gourmet single estate blends, a pod machine that does not allow you to use reusable pods won’t give that to you. It’s best to take a look at the range of pod coffee blends available before you decide to buy the machine or only choose a brand that will work with reusable pods that you can fill with your favorite blend. Our best pod coffee maker reviews take this into account.



Why Are Coffee Pods So Popular?

Coffee pods are popular because they’re convenient to use and time-saving. There’s no need to measure out a precise amount of grounds each time, place them in the filter basket, and then clean it up when you’re done. A pod can just be plucked out from your stash, dropped in the basket, and you start brewing. There’s no threat of a mess of grounds that may overflow afterward.

Pod coffee makers also give you an easy way to try different blends and for the true espresso coffee devotee, there is one espresso maker in the affordable group of coffee brewing systems. Most grocers carry both K-Cups and Nespresso pods, which can be found in over 100 different flavors and blends. If your household is made up of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea lovers, many of the makers of pod machines also sell single serving tea pods or hot chocolate, so you may get quite a lot of use from this type of machine.


Alternatives to Pod Coffee Machines

While pod coffee machines are super easy to use, if you’d like more coffee making options like the strength of your brew, this may not be the choice for you. If you like the convenience of pods but only want to use them for making espresso or cappuccino and not for regular coffee, you can get a great espresso pod machine that costs a little less.

Of course, if you’re the kind that needs to grind their beans just before brewing, you’ll have to sacrifice some convenience and instead get a grind and brew coffee machine. If you have a separate grinder already, you can instead get a single serve coffee machine that uses filters so that you can scoop out your blend.

If you’re making coffee for more than just yourself or your favorite blend doesn’t come in pods, then it’s best to go with an automatic drip coffee maker.

Most of the expensive single cup coffee brewers have a de-scaling feature that removes the buildup inside the brewer and helps keep it clean, but they are not necessarily the best pod coffee makers overall. Dishwasher-safe parts also aid with cleanup. Some of the following coffee brewers have large capacity water reservoirs while some let you control the brewing temperature or strength of the brew. So, what is the best single serve coffee maker using pods? Read on to find out!

Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

This coffee maker can be the perfect choice if you are looking for a single-serve coffee maker that won’t break the bank for you. It comes with a water filter handle and a filter along with adjustable brew options to make sure you can customize the flavor and strength of your coffee every time. The coffee maker has the capacity to brew anything between 4 ounces and 12 ounces of coffee. The Keurig K-Elite also has an iced setting that you can use if you are looking to make flavorful and delicious iced coffees.

The water reservoir in this coffee maker has the capacity to hold around 75 ounces of water, which means that you can brew around 8 cups of coffee before you have to refill, depending on the size of the serving.

Moreover, the drip tray in this coffee maker is removable, and you can even fit slightly longer travel mugs to brew coffee on the go. It also comes with a quiet brew technology that ensures little to no noise when the maker is in use. There is a built-in maintenance reminder to let you know when it is time for you to descale and clean your coffee maker.


• The large water tank requires fewer refills.
• There is no need for a separate coffee maker for your cold beverages.
• A removable drip tray helps in easy cleaning and maintenance.
• It requires only a minute or two to brew a K-Cup pod.



• The large-capacity water tank can be prone to spills and leakages.


Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is an all-time favorite as it is designed to brew the most popular brew sizes of coffee K-Cup pods such as 6 ounces, 8 ounces, and 10 ounces. The water tank in this coffee maker has the capacity to hold approximately 48 ounces of water that helps make up to 6 cups so that you do not have to refill it too often. This water tank is also removable, which makes it very easy to clean.

The Keurig K-Classic also has a built-in feature to make sure that your coffee maker is turned off when it is idle for some time. This helps in saving energy and allows your coffee maker to last longer. The control features are also very easy to operate and let you select your brew size very easily. Just insert the pod, customize your size, and voila! Your perfectly brewed and flavorful cup of coffee is ready in a matter of minutes.


• Known for its ease of use. Simply fill the water reservoir, insert a K-Cup pod, and press a button to start brewing.
• Brews a cup of coffee fast, which is ideal for those in a hurry.
• You can choose from a wide variety of K-Cup pods, including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and soup.
• Brews consistently flavored cups of coffee, which is important for those who want their coffee to taste the same each time.



• Can be louder than they expected, which could be an issue for early morning brewing or an office environment.
• Does not allow for much customization, such as adjusting the strength of the coffee.


Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker Machine

Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker Machine

The Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker Machine is the one to invest in if you are looking for a single-serve coffee maker that works with every kind of coffee pod. It has four size variations of 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and 12 ounces for you to choose from and customize your coffee as per your taste preference. The Mueller coffee maker also comes with a rapid brew technology that ensures that your coffee gets brewed quickly and the taste of the coffee is not compromised.

The Mueller coffee maker comes with a water tank that has a capacity of 48 ounces, which is enough for 6 to 7 cups of coffee so that you do not have to refill often but when you do, the large opening makes the task very easy. Not just this, but it comes with a removable drip tray which makes it easier for you to take it out and clean your coffee maker.

Moreover, the exterior of the Mueller coffee maker is made with insulating material, which guarantees that your coffee maker will stay cool-to-touch for as long as you use it. The built-in auto turn-off features help in conserving energy as it turns the maker off if it has been sitting idle for an hour.


• It is compatible and works with every coffee pod type that you might want to use for your brew.
• The slim profile makes it an understated addition to your kitchen.
• The reservoir is extremely easy to fill and clean.
• Gives you great bang for your buck.



• The larger serving sizes aren’t actually that large.
• Does not allow for much customization, such as adjusting the strength of the coffee or using your own loose coffee grounds.


Coffee Maker for Pods, Ground Coffee and Tea

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium 72-Ounce Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium 72-Ounce Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Are you looking for a single-serve coffee maker that works with every coffee pod? Cuisinart SS-10 Premium 72-Ounce Single-Serve Coffeemaker enables you to make the perfect cup of coffee with any coffee pod. This coffee maker has size settings to help you brew anything between 4 ounces to 12 ounces of coffee. In addition to this, if you are looking to make use of your own coffee grounds, the Cuisinart coffee maker is compatible with a HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup, which you can purchase separately.

It is super functional and convenient to use with the Backlit LCD Display that is programmable and comes with a turn-off switch. The switch lets you conserve energy by turning off the coffee maker as soon as you’re done with it as opposed to waiting for it to turn off on its own after sitting idle for a while.

One of the lesser-known facts about this coffee maker is that it has an auto-rinse feature that cleans the brewing chamber instantly. Cuisinart Coffee Maker also has adjustable temperature control settings. The water tank in this maker can hold around 72 ounces of water that also has a built-in water filter made of charcoal. The drip tray is compatible with several sizes of travel coffee mugs.

There is another useful feature that’s not immediately obvious but quite useful. You can eliminate a separate kettle in your kitchen with this machine, as it has a hot water dispenser selection for those times when you only want hot water for your instant oatmeal, noodles, soups, etc. If this interests you, we have a few more models of coffee makers cum hot water dispensers that you can look at.



• Gives you the ability to use pods or loose coffee grounds.
• Has a sturdy build quality.
• Comes with a built-in charcoal water filter.
• The auto-rinse feature saves you the hassle of rinsing the brewing chamber yourself.


• The large water tank is prone to spills, and leakages are not handled properly.
• You have to buy the mesh coffee filter separately.


Best Single Serve Coffee and Espresso Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker is the ideal addition to your morning ritual and is our pick for best pod coffee machine with a milk frother. This flexible coffee maker lets you brew a wonderful cup of coffee from any K-Cup pod or prepare delightful lattes and cappuccinos that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Brewing your favorite beverages has never been easier thanks to intuitive button controls.

With the Keurig K-big Cafe’s 60oz water tank, you can say goodbye to the trouble of frequently refilling your coffee maker. This function allows you to prepare up to 6 cups of coffee before needing to refill, saving you crucial morning time. When it comes time to replenish, the detachable reservoir makes it simple.

You don’t have to wait for your coffee maker to heat up before picking your cup size with the Smart Start function. This helpful function combines heating and brewing into a single step, making your daily ritual faster and more efficient.

The Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Machine is also environmentally friendly. The programmed auto-off option shuts your brewer off 2 hours after the previous brew, allowing you to save money on your power bill.

If you’re constantly on the run, the Keurig K-Cafe has you covered. It fits travel mugs up to 7.2″ tall and is top-rack dishwasher safe for quick cleanup.

Do you want to make your own ground coffee? The Keurig K-Cafe works with the My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter but you’ll have to buy it separately, allowing you to brew whatever ground coffee you like.

In addition, the brewer maintenance reminder notifies you when it’s time to descale your coffee maker for best performance. Descaling eliminates calcium deposits, resulting in the best-tasting drink.

Lastly, the high altitude option guarantees that your coffee maker works effectively at elevations above 5,000 feet, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee wherever you are.



• Easy to use and can be operated with the touch of a button. Comes with a fold-out guide that explains how to make different types of coffee drinks.
• A variety of customizable options, including brew strength and temperature. Its versatility allows you to use any kind of milk or milk alternatives. The frother also has adjustable levels for the amount of froth desired.
• The newer version of the coffee maker is smaller than the older model, making it more convenient for users with limited counter space.
• Relatively affordable compared to other coffee machines that can brew lattes and cappuccinos.



• The newer model of the coffee maker requires users to froth milk before brewing coffee, which can be inconvenient for some users who want to make both at the same time.
• Some users have reported issues accessing the company’s support site, which can make it difficult to get information on how to care for and maintain the coffee maker. You can find help on YouTube, however.
• While the coffee maker can make lattes and cappuccinos, it does not produce true espresso, which may be a downside for some coffee enthusiasts.


Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi

Indulge in the art of coffee-making with the Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi. This elegant and clean machine, designed with modern technology and an intuitive touchscreen, offers professional-level coffee at the press of a button. With the high-pressure 19 bar pump that extracts the delicate taste and premium scents of each coffee capsule, you may make a broad range of coffee and milk recipes, including Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Lungo, warm milk froth, or hot water.

With its automated milk frothing mechanism that ensures maximum froth quality every time, the Lattissima Pro takes the guesswork out of producing the ideal cup of coffee. You may quickly clean the milk system by moving the knob to the Clean position after adjusting the milk froth texture regulation knob to your liking. You may enjoy your coffee in just 40 seconds thanks to the machine’s quick heat-up feature.

The machine also has a straightforward descaling mechanism that notifies you when it is time to clean it, and the pluggable descaling pipe makes the operation even easier. With the energy-saving function, the machine switches off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity, assisting in energy conservation and lowering your power cost.

Each machine comes with a free welcome gift comprising a variety of Nespresso capsules with distinct fragrance qualities. Test each coffee to find your favorites and to discover the delectable tastes that this machine can provide. The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is the ideal addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen, thanks to its high-quality technology, stylish design, and ease of use.



• Superior construction and durability.
• Excellent customer service.
• Automatic and easy to use for making coffee drinks.
• Makes a great cup of coffee with good foam and crema.
• Self-cleaning dishwasher-safe milk frother.


• Expensive compared to other coffee machines.
• Inconsistent durability, with some customers experiencing leaks and issues within a few years of purchase.
• Milk not hot enough for some customers.
• Inadequate programmable function, with no option for programming specific numerical values for volume.


Best Compact Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker features Multistream Technology that pulls more flavor and fragrance from your coffee beans, making every brew a divine experience.

Not only that, but the coffee machine is intended to fit into any environment. Its sleek, compact form allows it to be put on any tabletop and takes up less than 5 inches of space.

In addition, the device has a detachable 46 oz. reservoir that allows you to make up to 4 cups of coffee before needing to replenish. Select between three cup sizes – 8, 10, or 12 oz. – and watch as your coffee is prepared to perfection in minutes.

Do you need to drink your coffee on the go? With a detachable drip tray that suits travel cups up to 7.0 inches tall, this coffee machine is travel mug friendly. Additionally, with its energy-saving auto-off feature, the coffee maker shuts down 5 minutes after the final brew, allowing you to conserve electricity.

But that’s not all: the coffee machine works with the My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter, allowing you to brew your own ground coffee (sold separately).



• Reviewers appreciate the small size of this coffee maker, making it perfect for smaller apartments, offices, or countertops.
• Uses a five-stream system to disperse water over the coffee ground surface, which results in fuller-tasting coffee with fewer grounds in the cup.
• Easy to use and clean, making it ideal for busy individuals or those who prefer a quick cup of coffee.
• Affordable and good value for the money.


• A few reviewers experienced quality control issues, including the descale light continuously flashing, and the machine not working after descaling.
• The water tank is small, which means that it needs to be refilled often. This can be inconvenient for those who drink multiple cups of coffee a day.
• Primarily constructed from plastic, which can be a turnoff for those who prefer metal hardware or are concerned about BPA.


Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is the ideal option for coffee enthusiasts on the go. This coffee maker is ideal for anybody who wants to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in minutes, no matter where they are, thanks to its compact design and simple pod storage container.

The bundled pod storage device can carry up to 9 K-cup pods, allowing you to take your favourite coffee flavours everywhere you go. Plus, owing to the detachable drip tray that accommodates a full inadvertent brew, you can quickly brew a cup of coffee right into your travel mug, up to 7.0 inches tall, and clean up is a snap.

This coffee maker is also energy-efficient, with an auto-off feature that turns off the machine 90 seconds after your last brew, helping to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. Plus, the cord storage feature ensures easy transport and tidy countertops.

If you prefer to brew your own ground coffee, the Keurig K-Mini Plus is also compatible with the my K-cup universal reusable coffee filter (sold separately). And with its sleek matte finish and silver detailing on the handle and drip tray, this coffee maker is not only functional but also stylish.



• The Keurig K-Mini Plus takes up less counter space compared to larger Keurig models, making it ideal for small kitchens, dorm rooms, and offices.
• The coffee made by the K-Mini Plus tasted better than the coffee from their previous Keurig machines.
• It has a “strong” setting that allows users to brew a more robust cup of coffee.
• Save money and reduce waste by using refillable pods with their own coffee grounds.
• With its small size and cord storage feature, the K-Mini Plus is easy to pack and take on the go.


• Some reviewers experienced issues with the machine not detecting water and requiring them to add more water to brew a cup of coffee.
• Makes loud noises while brewing coffee.
• Requires users to add water for every cup, and it cannot accommodate larger travel mugs.


Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine with Aeroccino by Breville

Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine with Aeroccino by Breville

With the Nespresso Vertuo Next Espresso Machine with Aeroccino by Breville prepare to enjoy an incredibly wonderful cup of coffee in a range of sizes ranging from 5 to 18 ounces, as well as single or double espresso shots.

This level of quality is made possible by cutting-edge technology that produces ideal in-cup outcomes for each blend by combining capsule-specific brewing with barcode scanning. As a result, the coffee has a velvety crema on top, which is the hallmark of a genuinely superb cup of coffee and is the best capsule coffee machine with milk frother on the market.

The Vertuo Next machine from Nespresso is the most compact, ecological, and intelligent Vertuo machine ever. It’s only 5.5 inches broad and made of 54% recycled materials, making it ideal for any kitchen. In addition, each machine comes with a free beginning supply of Nespresso capsules.



• Easy to set up and use, with delicious coffee and amazing frother.
• Temperature settings and preheat option for hotter coffee.
• Great tasting coffee with thick crema.
• Sleek design with environmentally friendly option to recycle pods.
• Can make both hot and iced coffee, with tons of options and rewards through the app.


• Expensive descaling maintenance and price of pods may be a turn off for some customers.
• Loud sound during operation.
• Coffee may not stay super hot for long.
• Price may be considered high for some customers, though it’s worth it for those who want delicious coffee at home.


Best Budget Pod Coffee Machine

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

The CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer is the ideal complement to your morning ritual! This portable coffee maker is compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 pod coffee capsules, allowing you to experiment with different flavours. It may also be used with ground coffee, allowing you to create your own private café experience in the comfort of your own home.

You may have a hot, fresh cup of coffee in just 3 minutes with one key switch operation and an 800W heating element with quick brewing technology! When your coffee is ready, the blue indication light will flash. Furthermore, the auto shut-off mechanism avoids overheating, making it safe to use and aiding in energy conservation.

This little single cup pod coffee maker’s small size makes it ideal for business travels or small countertop settings. It’s portable and easy to transport, making it ideal for usage in an office, kitchen, dormitory, hotel, or even an RV.

The coffee pours out almost as much as the quantity of water you pour in, ensuring that your coffee grounds are fully utilised for a fresh cup every time. You can also take your coffee on the move by removing the drip tray, which supports travel cups up to 5.3″ tall.

This coffee maker is safe to use and easy to clean because it is made with BPA-free materials for the water tank and piercing needle. The removable filter basket and drip tray can be removed and washed immediately, and with the simple clean technique of pushing a button after adding water and vinegar, keeping your coffee maker in good working order has never been easier!



• Small and lightweight, takes up little counter space, and is easy to pack for travel.
• Low power consumption, so it does not overload circuits, unlike some other coffee makers.
• Affordable and simple to use, without complicated features, perfect for a single cup of coffee.
• The unit works well for an extended period (more than 1 year) without cleaning or maintenance.


• May develop problems after prolonged use, such as slow brewing, decreased output volume, or failure to dispense coffee fully, which can be resolved through cleaning.
• Cleaning may be difficult if not done regularly or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


How to Choose the Best Pod Coffee Maker for the Home


When purchasing a coffee maker, make sure that it is versatile and fulfills all your needs. First of all, if you require a coffee maker that can make several cups of coffee, then make sure that you buy the one that has a larger capacity and can make 6 to 7 cups at a time. Secondly, some coffee makers are able to make various types of coffees, such as single-serving drip coffee, espresso, and tea, as well as complete carafes of coffee which makes it a great option for families who have different coffee preferences.

Ease of Use

The second most important thing that you should consider is that the coffee maker that you choose should be easy to use. It should have simple control buttons as well as features that make it easy to clean.

Brewing Speed

What good is a coffee maker if it takes way too much time to brew your coffee? Hence the speed with which a coffee maker can prepare freshly brewed coffee is an important aspect. You can have the most technologically advanced coffee maker in the world, but if you need coffee quickly and it takes an eternity to brew, it won’t assist you.

Consistent Brew

Imagine that you are waiting for a fresh and hot brewed cup of coffee, and you can see the cycle of drops flowing in your cup but what happens if the coffee is cold? The most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that the temperature of the brew produced by your coffee maker must be hot, and the strength of the brew should be good and consistent.

Easy to Fill Reservoir

Another thing that you should look at in your coffee maker is that the reservoir it offers is easy to fill and whether it is also removable. It’s easy, quick, and convenient to refill a removable water reservoir, and you can easily empty and clean the container as well.

Easy to Clean and Descale

Coffee makers are supposed to save your time and make your task of making coffee easy. But if it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to clean, then what’s the point? So your coffee maker should have removable trays for spilled coffee and removable tanks as well that will make it easy for you to clean the appliance. Look for ones that have a self-cleaning option that can assist in controlling calcium build-up if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and descaling.

Cost of the Pods or Capsules

Things can get very difficult if your coffee maker is compatible with only the pods of an expensive brand. Since you have to bear the recurring cost of pods and capsules, make sure that the coffee maker that you are buying can accommodate all types of pods.


While you are out there buying a coffee maker, make sure that you’re investing money in something for the long term. The coffee maker should be durable and should last long no matter how much you use it to brew your coffee.

Space Needed

Portable and space-friendly coffee makers are the best. It does not matter that your kitchen is small or huge, you should invest in a coffee maker that easily adjusts on your countertop setup and does not take loads of space in your kitchen.

Overall Environmental Impact

Another thing that you should keep in your mind while looking for a coffee maker is that it may not be environment-friendly if you can’t reuse coffee pods. You can purchase a coffee maker that comes with reusable filters or that is compatible with reusable pods.



Do all coffee pods fit in all machines?

Various brands produce a variety of coffee pods or capsules. However, not all of these are compatible with all coffee machines. If you are unsure whether your coffee machine will work with your coffee pod, get in touch with the manufacturer or refer to the operation manual for further clarification.

Why does my Keurig coffee taste like water?

When the needle in the brewing chamber becomes clogged, only a small amount of water enters the K cup, while the remainder leaks out of the top of the needle and bypasses the coffee grounds. This results in a weak, watery coffee. So, we suggest that you unclog the needle, and you will be all set for a delicious cup of coffee.

Why is my pod coffee machine so slow?

The problem with your coffee machine’s slow flow is most likely because of the unclogged spout or nozzles. There might be some residue in the brewing chamber of your machine, so you should take it out and descale or clean it thoroughly.

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