Best Electric Pasta Maker Reviews

If you want to make fresh pasta at home, it’s possible to do it by hand but it would take far too long and require a lot of effort, possibly making you feel like it’s not worth it. You can choose to instead buy a manual or electric pasta maker machine to make it easy and speed up the process.

A manual machine is great for home use and very inexpensive but they do limit you to making smaller quantities and can take a lot of practice to get right. The roller type are most common among hand cranked pasta maker, so if you want to make a lot of shaped pasta you’ll be better off with an electric machine. The best electric pasta maker will be able to give you a few more options and really speeds up the process.

While most electric pasta machines for home use are the roller type, a few are the extruder type where prepared dough is pushed through die cast discs to make a few different shapes. Some pasta machines are the full cycle type, where you add the ingredients and it mixes the dough and automatically feeds it through for shaping. However, you could also consider getting a stand mixer that comes with an extruder attachment if you use it to also mix the pasta dough along with doing a whole host of other jobs.

There is one instance where you don’t need a separate pasta machine. If you already have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, just buy the pasta roller and cutter attachment for it. The mixer’s power hub powers the pasta roller and cutter attachment.

If you think you won’t make pasta that often, you can save your dollars and buy a hand crank machine.

The following best electric pasta maker reviews should help you buy the best machine for your needs.


Electric Pasta Roller Machine

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor SetDesigned by some of the world’s best pasta chefs, this Italian-made Atlas pasta machine with motor, is one of the greatest pasta makers on the market. This unit boasts a sleek and stylish design that blends well with most kitchen designs. Its body, made from chrome and nickel-plated steel augments the machine’s look as well as its sturdiness. It comes with a clamp as well, so there’s no risk of the unit jumping about while in use.

Since the thickness of your pasta is vital, this unit comes with an effortlessly adjustable dial that controls the thickness of the pasta. You get 9 different thickness settings. The cutter attachment gives you an additional two types of pasta. What’s unique about this machine is the powerful 110 volts motor that makes it simple and painless to roll your lasagna, spaghetti, or fettuccine while leaving your hands free to guide the dough through the roller and cutter. Although this is probably the best electric pasta machine for the home, if you want to have more control over the speed of rolling, it does have a hand crank that you can use instead of the motor.

In addition, this pasta machine comes with an adjustable table stand making it easy to be used anywhere on the kitchen counter-top. You also get a cookbook of Italian recipes.

Although many people love the machine, it is only capable of generating three different types of pasta, which is quite limited, but Amazon frequently sells this at quite a discount, so its quality and performance is what you should be looking at. Another drawback is that the motor housing is made of plastic instead of metal.


CucinaPro 160 Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Maker

CucinaPro 160 Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta MakerIf you are a die hard fan of Italian cuisine, the CucinaPro 160 is a wonderful choice for a dough roller machine for home use. Designed and made in Italy by Imperia (one of the top pasta machine makers), the CucunaPro is aesthetically stunning and features a well-built non-stick-steel exterior that ensures hygienic pasta.

Mechanically, the unit boasts a nominal motor power of 85 watts and 6-thickness settings that makes pasta making quicker and more efficient. The machine features a 5-3/4 inch wide built-in roller and a maximum roller opening of 1.99mm for making dough sheets, and fettuccine and tagliatelle types of pasta using the two built-in cutters. For more types of pasta, there are several other attachments that you can use. You can make spaghetti, angel hair, ravioli, gnocchi, parppadelle, etc.

Besides generating good quality product, the unit sits well on the kitchen counter top making it easier to set up. The non-stick exterior also ensures cleaning is quick and easy.

Typically, not all machines are perfect, and the CucinaPro 160 electric pasta machine is no exception. If you’re in a hurry to make pasta, this is not the machine for you, as it works slowly. However, the low speed is what ensures high quality pasta. It is also pricey and you can expect to pay around $400 for it.

Electric Pasta Extruder Machine

Philips Pasta Maker

Philips Pasta MakerMaking of fresh and homemade pasta noodles has never been any easier. With potent and automatic kneading and extruding capabilities, this Philips electric pasta extruder machine allows you to create a pound of fresh homemade pasta in under fifteen minutes.

Precisely engineered to generate and deliver perfect pasta, the Philips Pasta Maker utilizes just about 1600 pounds of pressure to speedily extrude dough without working the pasta dough too hard, which is essentially ideal for perfect texture and taste.

The machine features four unique shaping discs for spaghetti, penne, fettuccine, and lasagna. You can also have more shaping discs as additional accessories for the various types of noodles and pasta.

In addition, the unit comes with specially designed cleaning equipment that matches the shaping discs. This makes cleaning much easier. At the bottom of the Philips Pasta Maker, there is a drawer where you can conveniently keep both the discs and the cleaning tools. You also get a recipe book when you buy this machine.

Based on its capabilities as one of the best automatic pasta maker options, $300 or thereabouts is a fair price for this product. The only setback with this item is that the dough should not be sticky before it gets fed through the extruder, so the ratio of dry to wet ingredients needs to be precise for the machine to knead.



The Lello Pastamaster

Lello 2720 Pastamaster 2200If you are looking for a machine that can knead and mix a lot of dough perfectly in as little as 20 minutes, you should consider the Lello PastaMaster. With this home pasta extruder, you do not need to be a professional gourmet because it is a fully automatic pasta maker that does everything for you. All you need to do is add the ingredients in the mixing bowl chamber, switch on the pasta maker, and leave it to do the rest. Once the dough is ready, remove the shutter slide, and the pasta is ready to be extruded.

The Lello Pastamaster comes in two models, the Lello 2720 Pastamaster 2200 Pasta Machine and the Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta Maker.

The Lello 2720 Pastamaster 2200 model boasts a capacity of 2.2-lbs and a large 300 watts motor. This means that this machine can produce a lot of homemade and fresh pasta in just under 20 minutes. Aside from that, the Lello 2720 is a full-cycle electric powered pasta machine. This means that the unit is able to handle all the steps involved in making of pasta effortlessly. From mixing the ingredients, kneading and, of course, forming. A complete set of this particular model consists of 6 discs for six different types of pasta, and a one year limited warranty.

The Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster, which costs a bit more, is similar to the Lello 2720-2200 with the main difference being the 3-pound capacity and eight different pasta discs. This product is good for large families or for cooking for parties without too much fuss.

Customers of both models are also offered a 38-recipes manual.

As good as it is, some unsatisfied customers have complained about the noise, which is to some extent similar to that generated by a bread machine. Many also say that it takes a while to get a hang of pasta making with this machine.


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