What is the Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough in 2024?

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If making bread is your thing, whether for a home business or as a regular domestic activity, then it goes without saying that a machine to do the kneading is what you need. Making bread can take a lot of muscle if you’re doing the kneading by hand and the dough doesn’t always turn out consistently good. This is where a mixer can help. But not just any cheap hand or stand mixer but a heavy duty one. A stand mixer for bread making, in particular, is better because it is more powerful, as the dough is tougher than cake or cookie dough. But, what is the best stand mixer for bread dough?

We will first help you understand what the minimum requirements are for bread dough making and then narrow down your options based on budget as well as how often and how much bread you intend to make. Our picks are some of the best stand mixers for dough.


Best stand mixer for heavy dough

Ankarsrum Assistent Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand Mixer

​Ankarsrum Assistent Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand Mixer

  • 7.4 quart and 3.7 quart revolving bowls.

  • 45 to 130 RPM speed control, 600W.

  • Dough roller, knife, scraper, and hook, multi-wire balloon and single-wire whips.

  • 12 minute countdown timer.

  • Power hub for optional attachments.
  • Best medium duty stand mixer

    Cuisinart SM-55 12-Speed Stand Mixer

    Cuisinart SM-55 12-Speed Stand Mixer

  • 5.5 quart, tilt-head.

  • 12 speeds, 800W.

  • Whisk, paddle, and dough hook.

  • 15 minute countdown timer, automatic shut-off.

  • Power hub for optional attachments.
  • Budget pick

    Hamilton Beach 4QT 7-Speed Stand Mixer

    Hamilton Beach 4QT 7-Speed Stand Mixer

  • 4 quart, tilt-head.

  • 7 speeds, 300W.

  • Whisk, flat beater, and dough hook.
  • What to Look for When Buying a Bread Dough Mixer for Home Use

    When getting a stand mixer, you will need to keep a number of factors in mind. Regular bread making will need a power rating of at least 400 watts and it should be heavy enough that it doesn’t rattle about on the counter when facing resistance from the dough. The mixing bowl should be at least 5 quarts of capacity, as this will ensure that you can mix a good size batch of dough or at least a double batch of cake dough.

    You need to consider if the stand mixer can start slowly, as this will ensure that you don’t get flour all over, or if you will need a splash guard that will keep the flour in the bowl. Also good to know is how the mixer works. Does the head move in a planetary action where the whole work is done without you manually scraping the sides of the bowl? Maybe you need a mixer with dual heads if you’re baking for a large family.

    Will you need additional attachments other than just the beater, dough hook and whip? For example, some KitchenAid stand mixers come with optional attachments for jobs like juicing and blending. Here are some really useful attachments that Kitchenaid makes for all their stand mixers.

    Of course, not all jobs need a stand mixer. If one is not already on the counter and the job is just a short and easy one, consider getting an electric hand mixer, as it is easier to use and clean. You could also consider a food processor that comes with dough blades, as these appliances can also chop, dice, slice and shred foods to save you lots of time in the kitchen. If you want one machine to do the kneading, rising and baking with minimal attention from you, choose a bread machine instead. You can just add all the ingredients, including the fast-acting bread yeast that doesn’t need to be proofed, at the same time and every step of the bread making process is taken care of. We’ve also gone into detail comparing bread machines with stand mixers.

    If you’d like a narrowed-down list of stand mixers for you to choose from for your dough mixing needs, the ones below are some of the best stand mixers for dough.


    Does it Make a Difference if the Stand Mixer is a Tilt Head or Bowl Lift?

    The heads of tilt head mixers are pushed up and away from the bowl underneath when you’re done mixing. They are great for small batches as they’re easy to use and it’s easy to scrape off dough from the mixing paddles or add ingredients in stages more conveniently. However, they are usually less durable if you use them for large batches.

    Instead of tilting the head into the bowl for mixing, a bowl lift mixer has two arms that hold and lift the bowl up. When the job is done, the bowl is set down. If you regularly mix large batches of dough, consider buying this type of mixer. It is not as easy to scrape off dough from the hooks and beaters because they don’t tilt back, but they are more powerful and can withstand the resistance from the dough better. We go into more detail about the differences between a bowl lift and a tilt head stand mixer here.

    So, which stand mixer is best for kneading dough? If we had to choose, we’d say with everything else being equal, a bowl-lift type.


    Best Heavy Duty Stand Mixer for Bread Dough

    Ankarsrum Assistent Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand Mixer

    Ankarsrum Assistent Original AKM 6230 Electric Stand MixerThe 600-watt Ankarsrum Assistent Original Electric Stand Mixer has been popular in Sweden for quite some time, but has recently been released in North America. The sleek stainless steel mixer comes with a variety of parts and attachments that can do everything from mixing bread dough and cake batters to whipping cream, juicing citrus fruits, processing foods, rolling and cutting pasta, and grinding meat.

    For making doughs for bread you get a dough roller, scraper, hook, knife, and 7.4-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. Another feature ideal for mixing bread dough includes a dust lid that can cover the bowl for the dough to rise, eliminating the need to switch bowls and dirty more dishes. It can handle between 15 to 20 cups of flour, allowing you to make a lot of bread at once. The roller and scraper work together to mix gluten-free and more hydrated doughs, while the dough hook is perfect for heavy and drier doughs. The bowl turns underneath the mixing attachment. There is also a speed control knob and a timer so you can leave your mixer and the dough kneads itself.

    If you want to make batters for cake or pancakes, soft cookie dough, cream butter or icing, or whip up meringues, eggs, and cream, then you can use the multi-wire or single-wire balloon whisks and the 3.7 quart BPA-free plastic bowl. A citrus fruit attachment can replace the dough and batter attachments easily when needed.

    You can even turn the stand mixer on its side and use a variety of other attachments for the other jobs.

    It’s recommended by customers that you watch instructional YouTube videos to learn exactly how to use this mixer before trying it on your own, as they have been broken by inexperienced users. Once you get used to the different attachments and how they work, it is said to be quite easy to use and many customers find it much better at mixing dough than other popular machines.

    If you are someone who wants to be able to make a lot of bread at a time or at least prepare a lot of dough at once, this mixer will allow you to do so due to its massive size and powerful mixing capabilities. It’ll mix tough and heavy doughs without overworking itself or freezing up.


    • This mixer comes with multiple attachments that can be used for multiple purposes.
    • Separate bowls and tools for dough kneading and other mixing jobs.
    • It kneads well and fast.
    • The machine comes with a great warranty.
    • It isn’t very noisy.


    • Expensive.
    • It takes time to learn how to use it properly.
    • The machine is heavy.


    Kenwood 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine

    Kenwood 7QT Chef Titanium Kitchen MachineThis Kenwood Chef Titanium Kitchen Machine has a very sleek design that would look nice on any countertop, but it’s not only decorative. The mixer comes with a tough 800-watt motor with electronic speed control that can be gentle or powerful depending on what you need. There’s a ventilation system within this mixer as well to prevent overheating, which is a common issue for stand mixers.

    The attachments included with this mixer are a dough hook, a power whisk, and a K-beater. The K-beater is meant for top performance mixing of batters and all three are made of stainless steel. They’re easy to attach to the tilt-head top. There is also a splash guard to avoid getting your counters messy while mixing, and the compact design allows you to store it easily in a smaller kitchen. There are four variable speed hubs if you want to buy and add other Kenwood attachments.

    The bowl is able to handle about 6 cups of flour, which isn’t the most substantial size, but it’s enough for a decent amount of dough. Don’t be fooled by the small size of this machine; it packs a punch of power suitable for mixing thick, heavy bread doughs. For those who are looking to bake a lot of bread at a time, this machine is worth considering. The design will add a sophisticated addition to any kitchen.


    • It’s equipped to handle 6 cups of flour for a heavy dough very well.
    • Lasts you a long time.
    • It’s quite compact for a heavy duty model.
    • The bowl has two handles.


    • It can try to walk off your counter when mixing heavy dough on high speed.
    • It can be hard to source some of the additional attachments.


    KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

    KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand MixerThe KitchenAid Pro Line Series mixer features attachments that can help you mix and mangle your bread dough quickly. There are ten speeds that work for bread and more, with 15 additional attachments for the power hub you can purchase to make the most of your mixer. It boasts a 500 watts 1.3 hp high efficiency DC motor with an all-metal direct drive transmission and the included attachments are a Powerknead Spiral Dough Hook, Flat Beater, and Stainless Steel Wire Whip.

    If you’re wondering if the cost of this model makes it that much better than the extremely popular Artisan, the answer is yes. The higher power and torque on this model makes it much more suitable for tougher and longer kneading periods without overheating the motor and it works at about half the noise level. It is heavier and has suction feet to prevent it from walking off the counter when kneading heavy dough.

    The 7 quart bowl fits a large amount of ingredients, including around 8 lbs of dough, and has a handle for easy pouring. It actually has the largest capacity for handling ingredients than previous models of KitchenAid mixers available for home use. The bowl is lifted closer to the attachment before it starts mixing, ensuring it gets pretty deep into the mixture. It slowly ramps up in speed when you turn it on, ensuring flour and other ingredients don’t get flung around your kitchen.

    The sleek design comes in many colors to suit the rest of your kitchen decor and everything is easy to clean.


    • It’s equipped with a powerful mixing capability for all kinds of dough.
    • This mixer is a lot quieter than previous models and the Artisan.
    • Setup is simple.
    • Easy to clean.


    • A few customers report a strange clicking sound.
    • Because it is heavy, you’ll have to find a space on your counter and leave it there.
    • Because this is a bowl-lift design instead of a tilt-head, it’s harder to scrape down the sides and change attachments if needed in between.


    Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

    Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen MachineThis is one of the most powerful machines when it comes to mixing. It has an 800 watt motor that will enable you to handle the largest batches with the 6.5 quart bowl. The blending ability, the attachments that come with it and the power rating will satisfy all your mixing needs.

    The Bosch Universal Plus machine is easy to clean and long-lasting. It has 4 low-speed and high-speed settings, a pulse setting, and features integrated cable storage. With this mixer, you get a wire whip, splash ring, dough hook, bowl, and lid.

    The design is unique, as it doesn’t have the typical mixing shaft going vertically starting from the top. It uses dual wire whip heads extending sideways and slightly sloped down to cover the larger area of the stainless steel mixing bowl. The design keeps the dough down while being mixed, unlike many single shaft mixers where the dough rises up along the shaft as it comes together. Another difference is that the 500-watt motor is housed underneath the bowl as opposed to behind it, so the whole unit is a little more compact.

    The belt-driven transmission is powerful enough to provide enough torque to manage large and heavy batches of bread dough without overheating or making you pause every few minutes in the middle of your mixing or kneading jobs. Suction cup feet keep the mixer in place even during heavy bread dough mixing but the bowl will move ever so slightly so as to dissipate some of the stress on the motor that comes from high torque during heavy kneading jobs.

    A common complaint is that this machine is not good for making small batches of cake or cookie dough but this can be solved by purchasing the optional extension hooks. Another is that the bowl is harder to clean because there are several nooks and crannies to reach into.


    • It can keep kneading dough for a long time without getting hot or breaking down.
    • Designed to prevent dough from wrapping around the whisks or hooks.
    • Incorporates everything inside the bowl without any need to scrape ingredients in between.
    • Easy to clean


    • The lack of handle on the bowl makes it a little difficult to scrape all the ingredients out.
    • It comes with a little bit of white vegetable shortening in the base of the shaft that makes it look like it’s been used but it’s added to keep it lubricated in case of a long period of storage. This can be washed off easily before first use.


    Best Multifunctional Mixers for Light Bread Dough Kneading

    Cuisinart SM-55 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer

    Cuisinart SM-55 12-Speed Stand MixerThe Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer features an amazing 800 watt powerful motor in a metal casing with power to drive the heaviest mixing tasks. It has a tilt head for the attachments and a large stainless steel bowl (5-1/2 quart) with handles, giving it the ability to accommodate large batches. When it comes to precision, this is the mixer for you.

    A 15 minute countdown timer and automatic shut-off are featured together with 12 mixing speeds. You can select slow start or gentle folds functions, where the former will give you a smooth run free from splatters, and the latter will give you gentle handling of ingredients. Using a planetary action, it has a flat mixing paddle that ensures full mixing to the bottom, a whisk for efficient egg or liquid beating, and a hook for the bread making. With extra-wide splash guards, mixing is mess-free.

    You can process food, grind meat, extrude pasta and juice citrus fruits by using the additional attachments sold separately for this mixer. They can attach to any one of the three power outlets provided on the top front and at the back. Each outlet runs at a different speed so every job is handled efficiently.

    It measures 15-1/2”x10”x12-1/2” with a 5 year motor warranty and 3 year product warranty. It is available in 3 colors.


    • The bowl and attachments are dishwasher-safe.
    • Easy to use and attach and remove the attachments.
    • The gradual start feature prevents flour from flying around.


    • You may need to stop the mixing periodically to push down the ingredients before continuing as they tend to rise up in the bowl.
    • The head is quite low and large and the bowl is deep, so you have to tilt the head all the way back to scrape down the bowl or add ingredients midway.


    KitchenAid 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

    KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand MixerThe KitchenAid Professional 600 Series is a step up from the Artisan but not as powerful as the Pro Line.

    While the hub cap flips up to allow you to easily fix any of the included or 10 extra attachments, the head does not tilt. Instead, two support pins hold the stainless steel mixing bowl via brackets. A lever on the side of the stand mixer makes it lift the bowl and locks it into place. This design is specifically meant to make heavy dough jobs easier because the mixing head is a solid piece that stays put.

    It also includes a pouring shield, a burnished aluminum flat beater, and spiral-shaped dough hook, and a wire whisk. The 67-point planetary mixing action gathers ingredients completely. An overload reset prevents overheating of the motor.

    It has a motor with a power rating of 575 watts and a 6 quart polished dishwasher safe bowl made of stainless steel with a lifting handle. It gives you 10 speeds, and the wattage and bowl capacity makes it a pretty good choice for mixing yeasty heavier doughs. It can handle up to 4.5 lbs of total bread dough weight easily but you can try higher if it’s softer dough. Whenever you use the dough hook, you should run it no higher than speed “2”. You can start on the lowest speed, which is the stirring speed. This acts as a slow start feature.

    The whole machine measures 14.5″ x 7.25″ x 17″ and weighs 29 pounds.


    • Great for batch making and powerful enough to handle bread dough with ease, grind meat, and churn butter.
    • Very versatile for use with all kinds of jobs.
    • Very sturdy, easy to use and wash.


    • It’s not a very quiet mixer.
    • The bowl is very deep so making only a small amount of dough or batter doesn’t work. However, you can buy optional attachment extenders to make the hook and whisks reach all the way down.
    • A bit inconvenient to add ingredients in the middle of a mixing job.


    Best Budget Stand Mixer for Bread Dough

    NutriMill Artiste Kitchen Stand Mixer

    NutriMill Artiste Kitchen Stand MixerIf you’re looking for a stand mixer that is designed for large batches of dough but on the more affordable side, NutriMill Artiste Kitchen Stand Mixer is one to consider. It’s built to stay put even when the powerful 650 watts motor is running. Like the Bosch Universal, it is a bottom drive mixer with two rotating arms moving the attachments down and sideways. This mixer is accompanied by a bowl, an extended length dough hook, a couple of whip attachments, and even a recipe book that’ll inspire you to use your new mixer in so many new ways.

    It’s stated that this mixer is able to mix up between 5 and 10 pounds of dough in order to bake a lot of bread at once, however, it’s not recommended to do more than 3-4 pounds at a time if you want to ensure that it doesn’t get bogged down. Like many other mixers, there are also additional attachments available for purchase to do more with your mixer. The motor is high wattage, meaning it should have enough torque to be able to power through even your thickest dough recipes.

    The bowl also comes with a cover that allows you to keep splatters at bay without impeding your ability to see inside. Whether you mix as much dough as the bowl can handle or are just looking to make a little bit, this affordable mixer is said to work similarly to even more expensive models. You can make great whole wheat bread easily. Just make sure to never go above speed “2” when mixing the dough.

    That being said, it’s quite user-friendly, making it an affordable option for those who want to bake high-quality breads and other foods, but can’t afford a high price tag or give up too much counter space.


    • The price point is more affordable than other stand mixers.
    • Many customers are satisfied with how it mixes bread dough specifically.
    • It’s a quiet machine.


    • Some customers have had their attachments break easily.
    • There have been some complaints of the mixer overheating.


    COOKLEE 6-IN-1 Stand Mixer

    COOKLEE 6-IN-1 Stand Mixer 8.5 Qt. Multifunctional Electric Kitchen MixerThis unique Cooklee 6-in-1 stand mixer lets you do a lot in one machine and is powered at 660 watts. In terms of the mixer, it comes with a large 8.5 qt bowl, as well as a dough hook, wire whip, flat beater, and splash shield. These mixing tools move in a planetary action to maximize bowl coverage and incorporate all ingredients. It’s recommended for bread dough, but it’ll also mix and whip a variety of other items.

    Some other attachments included with this mixer are a juicer, a vegetable slicer, food grinder, cookie press, and a pasta maker, all of which are dishwasher-safe.

    This affordable stand mixer also has a variable 10-speed range with a pulse option and two power hubs for the various attachments. The bowl as well as the attachments are made of stainless steel so they can mix heavy doughs pretty well. The price is also affordable for a stand mixer in and of itself, but considering the additional attachments, it looks like a bargain. Not only can you use it similar to any other stand mixer, but it allows you to do so much more. Those who are just starting out with baking can learn the ropes easily with this inexpensive mixer.


    • The price is affordable compared to other mixers.
    • The attachments can be washed in a dishwasher.
    • You can use this mixer for a lot of purposes.
    • Has a Slow Speed start as well as quick pulse blitzing.


    • Some reviews state that the parts are cheaply made.
    • Customer service is said to be sub-par.


    VIVOHOME 7.5 Quart Stand Mixer

    VIVOHOME 7.5 Quart Stand MixerThe Vivohome stand mixer has a 660W high power motor and six speeds to allow mixing of all types of batters and doughs, including bread dough.

    There are three standard attachments – a mixing beater, a whisk, and a dough hook. The 7.5 qt bowl and the attachments are easy to attach and detach and are easy to clean, and there’s a glass shield and bowl cover attached to the tilt head to prevent splatters and allow you to monitor the mixing progress. The metallic finish adds a respectable look to your kitchen counter.

    With some common complaints of stand mixers being that they heat up too quickly, the fact that this one comes with a built-in fan is reassuring that your dough won’t be altered by a hot mixer or the motor won’t burn up in a short time.

    It’s a fine option for those who are just beginning their baking journey and don’t want something overly complicated to use. While it may not compare to very expensive mixers, it can get the job done pretty well when it comes to mixing doughs. The high wattage motor will work through thick doughs with ease to make sure everything is mixed evenly, ensuring you can work on other things while your dough is being worked.


    • It comes at an affordable price point.
    • It’s very easy to clean.
    • The bowl is large to handle a lot of ingredients.


    • It’s somewhat noisy.
    • The attachments are not dishwasher-safe and the coating on the dough hook and beater may wear off.


    Best Small Stand Mixer with Dough Hook

    KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

    KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand MixerJust because the KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer looks and feels like a toy kitchen accessory, doesn’t mean that it can’t do everything one of its bigger cousins can. It may come with only a 3.5 quart mixing bowl and be rated at 250 watts, but this small stand mixer is powerful enough to quickly whip up egg whites, mix cookie and cake batters, and even give you a perfectly kneaded batch of yeast dough for one loaf of bread.

    Once the tilt-head is locked in place, you can choose from 10 speeds to complete your task. The lowest speed is the stir speed to prevent ingredients from flying around, while the top speed is for whipping cream. The included attachments are a Flex Edge beater to incorporate every last bit of ingredients for a batter, a 6-wire whip, and a coated C-shaped dough hook. The stainless steel bowl has a handle to make it easier for you to lift and scrape every bit out.

    The Mini Artisan is compatible with 10 optional KitchenAid hub attachments if you want to use it for other jobs like pasta making or food grinding.

    Now, while the Mini Artisan is one of the best bread kneading stand mixers for small spaces, you may wonder why the most popular stand mixer of the KitchenAid Artisan series is not on this list. That’s because the full-sized Artisan is great for cakes, cookies, and other light batter items, but it’s not strong enough for heavier tasks, like bread dough kneading, unless you only use it for very wet types of bread. The Artisan is good if you want a full-size tilt-head Kitchenaid mixer where you’ll mostly stick to lighter mixing tasks.


    • Lightweight and space saving.
    • Easy to use, sturdy, and powerful enough for most jobs.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Compatible with almost all the KitchenAid mixer attachments except the ice cream maker.


    • A little difficult to add ingredients while the mixer is running.
    • Doesn’t come with a bowl lid or pouring shield.


    Hamilton Beach 4QT, 7-Speed Electric Stand Mixer

    Hamilton Beach 4QT, 7-Speed Electric Stand Mixer with Tilt-HeadIf you’re not hung up on color choices and having one machine to do everything possible, then the Hamilton Beach 4QT, 7-Speed Electric Stand Mixer will save you big bucks but still perform pretty well for occasional bakers.

    It is a tilt-head model with a 300 watt motor and a top handle to help you easily lift it into a cabinet or move it somewhere else. The 4 quart stainless steel bowl with two handles and a splash guard is perfect for making a couple loaves of bread and an equivalent amount of cookie or cake batter and more. The three attachments you get are a whisk, flat beater, and dough hook, and all of them are dishwasher-safe.

    Once you’ve tilted back the head and fixed the appropriate attachment, you lock in the bowl, lower the head back in position, and start the mixer at the lowest speed. You can then choose from any of the other 6 speed settings or stay on the lowest. It may take a little longer than more expensive models, but you will still be able to knead bread dough or thicken cream just as well.

    The bottom features suction feet to keep the mixer steady at all times, but it’s recommended to use only the lower speeds for longer and tougher jobs like kneading dough.


    • Easy to change out attachments quickly.
    • The 7 speeds are more than enough for any task.
    • Value for money.


    • May vibrate on a high speed setting.
    • Will make some noise, especially on a high speed.
    • Best to stick to white bread kneading.


    Bosch Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

    Bosch Compact Tilt-Head Stand MixerIf you want the reliability of the Bosch brand but the Universal Plus model is too big or expensive for your needs, then the Bosch Compact Tilt-Head Mixer is a better choice for you. This one has a more traditional home stand mixer design with the top-down mixing shaft attached to the tilt-head from above.

    It is powered by a reliable 400 watt motor and comes with a 4 quart BPA-free plastic mixing bowl that has a handle for easy handling. You also get a pouring shield, beating whisk, stirring whisk, and dough hook. With these tools, you’ll be able to mix up any kind of batter for anything from pancakes to breads to cookies. This includes up to 6 lbs of whole wheat dough for bread but if you only need to whisk one egg white, the planetary gearing provides just the right whipping action to do that. If that’s not enough, you can optionally buy attachments to grind meat, blend smoothies, juice citrus fruits, and more.

    All the other features are the same – suction feet for stability, cord storage, and 4 speeds plus pulse.


    • Ingredients are completely caught by the whisks or dough hook.
    • Very easy to clean.
    • Light, compact, and easy to move around.
    • Easily makes 2-3 loaves of even heavy bread.


    • The machine might move around a little when kneading heavy dough.
    • No traditional cake paddle but the stirring whisk does the job just as well.



    Which Kitchenaid mixer is best for bread dough?

    In our opinion, the best Kitchenaid stand mixer for bread dough is the Pro Line Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer. Its powerful 1.3 HP motor, large capacity mixing bowl, bowl lift feature, and 10 speed level control with slow start feature make it a formidable addition to any kitchen of a serious baker. It can handle large and heavy batches of dough easily without the threat of burning out and is really quiet compared to lots of other stand mixers.

    You also have the option to buy up to 15 additional attachments that can easily replace other small kitchen appliances, like a pasta maker, food grinder, juicer, etc.

    What size mixer do you need to make bread?

    There is a mixing bowl to suit your needs among the many different shapes and sizes available. Most home bakers will be satisfied with anything between 3.5 and 5 quarts. Be sure your mixer is capable of handling the bread recipes you like. Consider going larger if you are unsure.

    Keep in mind that bread doughs need space to move around the bowl as they’re being kneaded, so a slightly larger bowl than you would need for cake or cookie batter is never a bad idea.

    So, there you have it – several great choices for any kind of bread kneading job and budget. I hope this article helps you find the best mixer for bread dough for your family’s needs.

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