Best Vacuum Blender for Home Use 2024

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If you’re keen to get maximum nutrition from your juices and smoothies and want something better than slow juicers to help with that, then you’re in the right place. This guide will help you choose the best vacuum blender for home use and you may never go back to your regular blender or juicer.

The normal juicing process destroys a lot of nutrients in your drink even if you do allow some pulp into your drink or utilize the ejected pulp in other foods. Maybe you’ve wondered why a nice yellow pineapple juice turns brown after some time, why the aroma changes after juicing, or why two layers form? One answer is oxidation. The oxygen that comes in contact with the fruit reacts with the juice and leads to changes in color and aroma. The air also creates froth, which causes the juice to separate.

Granted, slow or masticating juicers are better than centrifugal juicers at preserving nutrients, but they aren’t perfect. If you want to retain the fiber from the produce, a blender is a faster and more convenient appliance to use. However, the high speeds at which blenders run destroy a lot of nutrients because of the heat generated and you’ll get a lot of froth in your drink because so much air is whipped into it.

The tech world is here with a solution to all your problems – vacuum blenders. There are reasons enough to say that vacuum blenders are here to stay. We also go into more detail about the differences between slow juicing and vacuum blending.


Best overall

NuWave Moxie Black Vacuum Blender

NuWave Moxie Black Vacuum Blender

  • 64 ounce BPA-free plastic jar

  • 1500 watts

  • Integrated vacuum pump

  • 5 preset programs and manual speed and timer control
  • Runner up

    Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender

    Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender

  • 48 ounce BPA-free plastic jar

  • 550 watts

  • Integrated vacuum pump

  • 1 smart vacuum and blend button, 3 setting manual speed dial, 1 pulse, and 1 vacuum button
  • Budget pick

    Klarstein Airakles Vacuum Blender

    Klarstein Airakles Vacuum Blender

  • 50 ounce glass blender jar, 25 ounce travel cup

  • 800 watts

  • Handheld vacuum pump

  • 7 presets, manual pulse and speed control, mix, and grind
  • What is Vacuum Blending and How Does a Vacuum Blender Work?

    Vacuum blenders are the newest appliances to make healthier smoothies. Regular blending has air trapped inside the jar which reacts with the fruit or vegetable inside it and a chemical process of oxidation takes place that reduces the health benefits attached to the produce. It also results in changes in color and texture and creates a lot of froth because the air is whipped through the liquid.

    Vacuum blenders prevent this from happening. Just like vacuum food sealers, They remove the air trapped inside the jar through suction and prepare smoothies in a low oxygen environment to prevent changes in the composition. Your juice will have high nutritional value and great color and texture. You’ll also be able to store the drink for a longer time in the fridge so that you and your family can enjoy it at any time without having to make a fresh batch every day.

    Various brands use different types of technologies for vacuum blending. Two of the most commonly used are external vacuum pumps and integrated vacuum systems. In the former one, the blender comes with a vacuum pump that can fit right above the jar and suck out the air while blending. This vacuum pump usually comes with a charger and needs to be charged for use. An advantage of this type of blender is that the vacuum pump can be used to suck out air from bottles and jars as well, and these bottles can be used for the storage of your juices and smoothies.

    The other technology is the integrated vacuum system; as the name suggests, there are no additional vacuum pumps but an integrated one that fits inside the blender. You don’t have to charge the vacuum pump for use, as it runs along with the blender on electricity, and this makes the process easy. Some blenders do give you the option to switch on or switch off the vacuum, but if they don’t, you won’t be able to do normal blending with them.

    Vacuum blending is very different from regular blending, as this results in less oxidation and protects your food from spoiling for a longer time. Vacuum blenders are known to leave a better color, texture, and aroma to your juices.


    Vacuum Blending Benefits

    Blending under vacuum, as opposed to regular blending, improves the flavor, texture, and colors of extracts, smoothies, soups, dips, dressings, and soups. They suck the air from the blending jars before blending and thus make your drinks much healthier. The controlled oxygen environment in which they’re made helps them stay fresh for longer. When you use masticating juicers to make juice, even though the absence of heat due to the slow juicing helps preserve nutrients, the air trapped inside the jar reacts with the fruit or vegetable inside it, and oxidation takes place to reduce the health benefits. It also results in changes in color and texture. Besides, you don’t get all the beneficial fiber when you juice unless you allow some pulp to go through along with the juice.

    You may have noticed that packaged foods usually often come in vacuum packs. This is to prevent the oxygen from reacting with the food, and it also prevents bacteria from harming the food. The food retains maximum flavor, which is why sous vide cooking of a vacuum sealed pack of food is so good. The same rationale has been applied in the technology of vacuum blending. The removal of air reduces the rate of spoilage and keeps the juice fresh for longer than usual. In fact, you don’t have to open the blender jar at all until you’re ready to pour a drink. Just store the juice in the same jar instead of transferring it to another one. That way the juice can remain under vacuum until then.

    As vacuum blending keeps juices and smoothies fresh for longer durations, you can make enough for days and store it in the fridge. This reduces your work and saves time. You can also make enough for your whole day, as you can carry this nutrient-rich drink with you wherever you go.

    Vacuum blending not only keeps the juice fresh but also prevents the separation of pulp and water in the juice, as the lack of air reduces the froth that is formed while blending.

    In most vacuum blenders, the noise that the blender makes when blending is muffled by a noise-reducing cover. You’ll be able to use them without disturbing others in any environment since they’re not as noisy as regular blenders.


    Best Vacuum Blender for Smoothies

    Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender

    Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum BlenderThe Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender consumes 550 watts and comes with a 48 oz storage and blending jar that is BPA-free.

    The high-velocity vacuum blender maintains the natural taste and nutrients of fruits and vegetables, while the true-seal technology guarantees the lowest level of oxidation, browning, and bubble production so your drinks will always be fresh. It is the only UL-certified vacuum blender on the market. Using a Hexa-shaped blade, smoothies are thoroughly blended to create a smooth texture and taste. Blend ingredients into small, digestible pieces while retaining fiber because of the strong blades. This vacuum smoothie blender is great for those who don’t like textured drinks.

    The system ensures blending safety by using a triple locking system. Unless the container’s lid, bottom anchor, and blade are properly positioned, it will not work.

    Simply click the smart button to begin vacuuming. The blending process begins once the vacuum state has been achieved. You will have more control over the blend, however, when you use the manual vacuum and blending speed controls. Cleanup is made easier by completely separating the container from the blades and washing either by hand or in the dishwasher.


    • Affordable.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Smoothies turn out completely smooth, like a thick juice.


    • No self-cleaning function.
    • Not powerful enough for frozen fruits or ice cubes.


    Oster Blender with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System

    Oster Blender with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing SystemThe Oster Blender with FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System runs on a 1000 watt motor which, when accompanied by its six pointless stainless steel blades, gives you a powerful blending experience. Added bonus; This blender is equipped with FoodSaver’s patented vacuum sealing system, which removes oxygen from the blending process to produce richer color, less separation, and a smoother texture.

    This air free blender includes an LED interface with five preset blending functions, including smoothie, food chop, three manual speed settings, pulse, and a countdown timer. You have the option to vacuum the air out and immediately blend, or only vacuum and store for blending at a later time, or blend only.

    It is very easy to assemble the 48 ounce jar on the motor base; you need to place the jar and twist it to click it into place. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the units when you are done with the work. All the parts of this blender are dishwasher safe except the vacuum arm and motor base. You can use a damp cloth with some dishwashing liquid to clean these parts.

    The set comes with a 24-oz BPA free vacuum storage cup that you can use to store your juices for longer durations without nutrient deterioration.


    • Comes with a vacuum storage cup as well.
    • Dishwasher safe parts.
    • Food chop option is also available.


    • No auto cleaning mode.
    • The blender’s valve cap needs double checking that it’s securely fixed before running the blender or it can fall into the jar .


    Klarstein Airakles Vacuum Blender

    Klarstein Airakles Vacuum BlenderThe Klarstein Airakles Vacuum Blender is pretty unique in design. With the adequate power of 800 watts, you can make smoothies, juice, and soups quickly and easily. One-touch buttons and manual variable speed controls, as well as pulse features and a grind feature, are all part of the well-designed touch screen base.

    Furthermore, the 6 stainless steel cross blades of the blender allow for very fine grinding, crushing, and mixing of even the hardest ingredients. You can make a batch of smoothies, sauces, and purees using its 50 ounce glass container. With the tight-fitting silicone lid on there is no spillage or leakage. It does not have the fancy self-cleaning features of professional blenders, but the jar is made of real glass, not plastic. 

    Due to its vacuum technology, it is an ideal blender for making smoothies. The blender vacuum attachment removes oxygen from ingredients before they are blended, and then leftover drinks can be preserved in a vacuum for up to three days while retaining vitamins. Additionally, a travel cup that works with the vacuum pump is included, so you can store it conveniently. 


    • Easy to clean.
    • Glass blending container.
    • Very affordable.


    • Quite noisy.
    • No self cleaning mode.


    Best High Speed Vacuum Blender

    NuWave Moxie Black Vacuum Blender

    NuWave Moxie Black Vacuum BlenderThe NuWave Moxie Black Vacuum Blender consumes 1500 watts and runs on a strong 2.5 HP motor that is ideal for blending anything. The 64-ounce jar is made of Tritan that is BPA free and stain-resistant. The pitcher and 4 precision blades can handle anything that you wish to blend, including ice. Try out nut butters, ice cream, sauces and more. With its friction energy, the blades can instantly heat water to boiling. A few minutes are all it takes to make piping hot soup out of raw ingredients.

    With the Moxie, five pre-programmed functions are controlled via a touch screen panel for the easiest operation. They range from soup to ice as well as a ‘clean’ function. The panel also has 9 power settings that range between 5000 to 27000 RPM and allows you to control the way you blend specific types of ingredients. You also have the ability to set a timer along with the power and the blender will go to work and stop on its own when it hits zero.

    The blender has an integrated vacuum system for a hassle-free vacuum blending experience. You just need to switch on the blender, and it’s all set to first vacuum and then blend. You can also only use the vacuum mode or only choose standard blending with the vacuum off mode. The start/stop and pulse buttons are also there.

    A plunger allows food to be pushed down without touching the blades. Furthermore, you cannot operate the Moxie unless the vacuum and plunger lids are locked in place. As an added measure of safety, if the lid is removed during blending, the unit will automatically shut off.

    Cleaning is an uncomplicated process. Just fill some water and with a drop of dishwashing soap in the pitcher, rotate the control to clean mode, and it’s done. Additionally, all parts but the blender base are dishwasher-safe.


    • Complete versatility with manual and preset controls.
    • Self-cleaning feature.
    • NSF certified for commercial use.


    • Doesn’t have a sound enclosure.
    • While making raw drinks using a combo of timer and power controls, you have to be careful not to allow it to run too long or the ingredients will be heated.


    Tribest Dynapro DPS-1050A-B Commercial Antioxidation Vacuum Blender

    Tribest Dynapro DPS-1050A-B Commercial Antioxidation Vacuum BlenderThe Tribest Dynapro DPS-1050A-B has some extremely attractive features like the fully digital control panel. It gives you a choice to set the speed and it also has a start and stop button. This blender recognises that blending is not the only job you are doing in the kitchen so it lets you set a timer so that you can concentrate on other jobs. You can also blend or pulse or go for a combo. It has three blending modes- manual, countdown timer and three pre-set buttons.

    The blender is equipped with a 1865W, 2.5 HP powerful motor that can generate up to 30,000 RPMs. This powerful motor is perfect for blending anything, including ice. It is equipped with a 4-spoke blending blade. The jar is big enough to handle 64 oz of liquid.

    There’s a temperature indicator that turns blue when the mixture is below 118°F and it changes to white at 118°F and above. This way you know when you’re still preserving nutrients and when the mixture is getting too hot so you can stop blending before nutrients are destroyed.

    The set includes a very powerful 4 AA battery-operated vacuum pump that can be fixed on the lid to remove the air. You have to lift the small lid on the top to release the vacuum before you open the jar’s lid or you’ll struggle to open it and make a mess with the juice exploding out of the jar.

    The jar is BPA free and it comes with a stainless-steel utility scoop and tamper.

    When it comes to cleanliness and noise, it is almost the same as any other blender as it has no noise shield. There’s plenty of ventilation at the back to prevent the machine from overheating but you do need to be prepared for high power usage. Nevertheless, the Tribest Dynapro remains a fair deal.


    • Has a separate vacuum pump so that you do vacuum blending as well as normal blending.
    • Nice backlit LCD screen.
    • Good build quality.
    • 15-year home warranty.


    • As noisy as normal blenders.
    • The blender with the vacuum attached on top won’t fit under a kitchen cabinet, so you’ll have to pull the whole unit to the front while using it.


    Kuvings SV-500 Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender

    Kuvings SV-500 Vacuum Sealed Auto BlenderThe Kuvings SV-500 Vacuum Sealed Auto Blender uses a 3.5 peak HP motor that is perfect for blending and consumes 1700W power, which is slightly higher than a normal blender but the results are worth it. It features an inbuilt vacuum pump, so it’s fast and convenient to use. Vacuuming all the air out will take between 30 and 60 seconds.

    The blender has super easy controls that will suit even a newbie. You get to choose a suitable RPM between 2000 to 20,000 if you want your ingredients to be processed the way you want and not what the blender chooses. However, it also offers an auto blending mode that makes your job easier if you so wish. The preset options are vacuum, auto, and auto blending. You do not get a tamper but the 6 blades operate in three different planes to pull all the ingredients down and ensure smooth blending.

    The 40 oz jar is made of BPA free Tritan and can hold an ample quantity to store in the fridge for future use. You can blend anything from fruits and veggies to nut butters to solid ice cubes. It is super easy to assemble with the help of the safety sensor. You just need to place the jar on the motor and twist, and you are good to go. If it is not properly assembled, it won’t start. Juice and smoothies can also be stored in the included airtight vacuum tumbler and will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

    The noise reduction technology makes your life easier if you have infants at home or if you want to use the unit at odd hours. The vacuum-sealed container is housed inside a sound shield before blending and the insulated motor gives you a much less noisy blending experience.

    It features self-clean technology for added convenience. You just need to put water in the jar and blend, and you are good to go for the next usage. This beautiful, powerful and compact blender is a treat to the eyes.


    • Auto-blending mode.
    • Noise-free blending.
    • Comes with a vacuum tumbler.
    • Powerful high performance blades.
    • Produces almost no foam or oxidation.


    • Consumes more power than regular blenders.
    • The vacuum needs to be handled with care.
    • Expensive.


    Best Personal Vacuum Blender

    Nutri Ninja Blender BL580 with FreshVac Technology

    Nutri Ninja Blender BL580 with FreshVac TechnologyThe Nutri Ninja BL580 Blender performs as well as it looks. You can make smoothies and extract juices without thinking twice about which button to press. There are two manual push buttons for start/stop and pulse. The former can be used along with the timer that counts by seconds up to 60 seconds.

    However, the Auto-IQ technology is here to help you with intelligent pre-set programs to efficiently do the whole job for you. You have one function for smoothies that is great for blending fresh or frozen fruit, ice, milk and other liquids. The extraction function is best if you’re blending fibrous and leafy green vegetables and whole fruits with their skins and seeds. The Pro-Extractor Blades are perfect to blend fruits and vegetables.

    It has a powerful 1100 watts motor. The material of the two FreshVac containers is thick and sturdy BPA-free plastic and can hold up to 24 oz each. They come with a spout lid each so that you can take your drink with you wherever you go. Its compact size allows you to store it almost anywhere.

    It comes with a vacuum pump that needs 6 AA batteries or an AC adapter to operate. The adapter is not included. You have to use the pump before you start blending and not during or after. You can easily assemble and remove it from the blender with the help of a small button.

    The attachments are easy to assemble and detach. You can be assured of easy cleaning when it comes to this attractive blender. You can clean the base of the jar with a wet, damp cloth, and for the touchscreen, you can use a soft cloth. All the attachments are dishwasher safe except the pump, which should be cleaned only with a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on a cloth.


    • Dishwasher safe attachments.
    • Compact size.
    • You get 2 single-serve blending containers.
    • Base is sturdy and has suction cups.


    • Adapter for the pump is not included.
    • The vacuum feature has a learning curve.


    Tribest Glass Personal Vacuum Blender

    Tribest Glass Personal Vacuum BlenderThe Tribest Glass Personal Vacuum Blender is the best for personal use. The motor is rated at 500 Watts and comes with a warranty of 5 years. The jar is made of tempered glass and can hold up to 42 oz. The 42 oz container comes with a vacuum lid so that you can do vacuum blending easily with the included vacuum pump.

    The control panel is perfect for home use; it gives you the option to control the speed and has a pulse button. It does not have advanced and pre-set buttons but is perfect for making quick smoothies. You can also choose to blend with or without vacuuming the air out first.

    The full set includes a 24 oz glass container with a silicone lined tumbler lid to prevent the juice from spilling while you travel with it, a vacuum pump that is used to pump out the air before blending, and one stainless steel utility scoop. This vacuum blender can be cleaned like any other regular blender and it even looks similar to a regular blender.


    • Glass jars.
    • Easy to use.
    • Consumes less power.
    • Easy to use.
    • Best for simple smoothies and sauces.


    • No advanced pre-set options are available.
    • Not powerful enough for making nut butter or any other tough ingredients.


    Features to Consider When Buying

    Motor Wattage

    One of the most important features that you should consider while buying any appliance is its power rating. The more powerful it is, the better the blending. Most blenders range from 200W to 1500W. The motor is the core of the blender; therefore, its power should be considered when you are buying a blender as this is what decides how fast and well your job will be done. An underpowered blender will not be able to break down tough fibrous vegetables, make butter out of nuts, or crush large chunks of ice to make a smooth drink and there’s also the risk of the motor burning out. On the other hand, if all you want to do is make fruit smoothies and you don’t mind the texture being less smooth, then getting a lower-powered blender will save you a bit on electricity bills.

    Blending Jar Material

    Apart from the motor, the jar material and strength matters. The jar should be strong enough to not crack when using it for ice or any other hard ingredients. It’s also important to consider whether the jar material is BPA free or not, as BPA free materials are food-safe and won’t cause long term health problems. A glass jar is also good as long as you handle it carefully and don’t drop it!


    The capacity of the blending jar is usually less than what’s stated if you use the vacuum feature. This is because the ingredients can easily get sucked into the pump if it has been overfilled. Therefore, you may not be able to blend very large amounts at a time if you also use the vacuum. Take that into consideration when you look at the jar capacity.

    Ease of Operation

    Check to see what type of buttons and functions are available. A start/stop button and pulse buttons are a must. You will also find blenders with timer settings or presets. This will allow you to step away to do other things while the blender finishes its job. On the other hand, having too many functions can make a simple job too complex.

    Cleaning Ease

    Ease of cleaning all the parts will matter a lot or you won’t feel like using the appliance regularly. Some blender jars, lids and blades are dishwasher-safe and some have a self-cleaning option where you fill the jar a little with warm water and dish soap and run it to clean. You can then run it again with just warm water to rinse or just do that under the tap. The rest of the appliance should be easy to clean with just a damp cloth. If the control panel has lots of buttons and knobs, it won’t be as easy as if it’s a touchscreen one.

    Blade Design and Strength

    It should have durable rust-resistant blades that can pulverize tough and fibrous ingredients fast and won’t dull anytime soon. Certain blades will do a better job of pulling all the ingredients down without you needing to use a tamper.

    Noise Level

    Vacuum blenders are anyway noisy appliances. If you live in an apartment or with other people in the house, you should choose one that comes with a noise shield to reduce the decibel level.


    Some vacuum blenders are pretty large and heavy because of the addition of a vacuum pump. If you want don’t want to keep moving it from storage to countertop, make sure you get one that will fit a good spot in your kitchen. If you plan to only take it out to do the job and then put it away, make sure it’s not too heavy to do it yourself.



    Does Vitamix have a vacuum blender?

    No, Vitamix doesn’t offer a vacuum blender, but some Vitamix blenders can be converted into vacuum blenders with the help of the BioChef Vacuum Blender Conversion Kit which includes a vacuum pump, vacuum seal and adapter among a few other attachments. You should note though that using this kit will void your Vitamix warranty because it is not a Vitamix product.

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