Can You Make Regular Waffles in a Belgian Waffle Maker?

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Real waffle enthusiasts know that there is a difference between regular waffles and Belgian waffles. However, if you only have a Belgian waffle maker in your kitchen, is it still possible to make a regular waffle? Yes, you can make regular waffles in a Belgian waffle maker if you don’t have a regular American-style thin waffle maker to work with.

On this page, we’re going to discuss how you can make a regular waffle in a Belgium waffle maker. We will cover the difference between a regular waffle and a Belgian waffle so you’ll know which one to ask for on the breakfast menu. We’ll also explore if you can make a Belgian waffle in a thin waffle maker. Keep reading to find out more.



How is a Belgian Waffle Different From a Regular Waffle?

If you’re scanning the breakfast menu at your favorite breakfast restaurant, you may notice an option for waffles and another option for Belgian waffles. This may have you wondering what the difference really is.

Belgian waffles are thicker and fluffier than regular waffles. The Belgian waffle maker will have bigger ridges to create deeper grooves. If you were to order a plate of both types of waffles, you would notice an obvious size difference. The fluffy Belgian waffle will appear bigger than the regular waffle, which is flatter.

Biting into each waffle is where diners can really notice the difference. A regular waffle is slightly crispy on the outside with a denser texture, whereas a Belgian waffle is light and fluffy throughout. How the batter is made is what really sets these waffles apart. A regular waffle uses a batter that’s similar to what pancakes are made of except that waffles have a higher fat and sugar content to make them crispy. Baking powder and milk help the batter rise or baking soda along with buttermilk may be added for extra flavor. A regular American-style waffle is no more always less than 1 inch thick. Learn more about the differences between a Belgian and regular waffle maker.

The Belgian waffle recipe calls for yeast instead and that’s what gives it a different flavor and keeps the waffle from breaking even though it’s light and airy. Using only egg whites instead of whole eggs makes the waffle fluffy. A Belgian waffle is around 1.5 inches thick.


Can You Make Regular Waffles in a Belgian Waffle Maker?

If you only have a Belgian waffle maker to work with, but are craving the crispiness of a regular waffle, one thing you may be wanting to know is whether your Belgian waffle iron can make a regular thin waffle. It is possible to do so with some modifications to the batter recipe and cooking time.

You can still achieve that flatter crispier waffle using a Belgian waffle maker. However, one thing you will need to keep in mind is that Belgian waffle makers are designed to make the waffle thicker, which is why the ridges are bigger. While you will still be able to achieve the texture and taste of a regular waffle, it will look slightly more like a Belgian waffle in size.

So, how do you make a regular waffle in a Belgian waffle maker? It’s very easy to do. Start by heating up the waffle maker, and allow it a bit more time to heat up than a regular waffle iron. Mix up your standard waffle batter where you use baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. This should not be done too much ahead of time, as the rising effect will disappear after some time. Once the iron is heated, you can add the batter.

When adding the batter, make sure you fill the pockets. One mistake you could make is not adding enough batter to the holes thinking the size will match a regular waffle. It’s important to coat all of the pockets with enough batter so you still get a tasty waffle on your breakfast plate without making it break apart when you remove it.

Once all the batter is added, close the lid and allow the waffle iron a few minutes to cook the waffle. Keep in mind that it may take a little bit longer than a regular waffle iron would. You may have to use trial and error the first few times to figure out the ideal cooking time.


Can You Make Belgian Waffles in a Regular Waffle Maker?

Belgian Waffle in a Thin Waffle Maker
It’s possible to cook a Belgian waffle in a regular thin waffle maker, but the results won’t be what you’re aiming for. Keep in mind, Belgian waffle mix is made to rise. If this batter is cooked in a regular waffle iron, there is no room for it to properly rise. While the batter will cook, it won’t have that fluffiness that people are after when they cook a Belgian waffle. There may also be overflow around the sides.

The reason behind the larger ridges on the Belgian waffle maker is to allow for enough room for the waffle to rise as they are being cooked. In order to get an authentic Belgian waffle flavor and texture, they should be made in a Belgian waffle maker.

You may be able to cook the batter this way, but the finished product won’t taste like a real Belgian waffle.


Can You Make Chaffles in a Belgian Waffle Maker?

Chaffles have taken social media by storm and foodies can’t get enough of them. Basically, a chaffle is just a batter made of egg, cheese, and almond flour and cooked in a waffle maker. It is such a quick and easy way to make a hearty breakfast when you don’t have a lot of time. It is also great for those following a keto diet or for those looking for gluten-free breakfasts.

This leads a lot of people to wonder if they can use a Belgian waffle maker to make a chaffle. You can use a Belgian waffle maker to make chaffles. Chaffles can be made in any type of waffle maker, and a flip-style double Belgian waffle maker is ideal for making 2 chaffles at a time.

Before adding the ingredients for your chaffle to the Belgian waffle maker, always makes sure you allow it to preheat and lightly spray it with cooking oil so the chaffles don’t stick. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and add them to the waffle maker to cook. Allow the mixture to cook until it is crispy.



If you have a craving for the crispiness of a regular waffle, but only have a Belgian waffle maker in your kitchen, you’re not out of luck. You can make a regular waffle using a Belgian waffle maker. When making a regular waffle, you will still use the same style of batter. However, you should be prepared for a waffle that will be slightly thicker.

Belgian waffle makers do create deep pockets and a fluffier waffle, so your finished product may not be as crispy as you were hoping for. However, it should still be crispier than a Belgian waffle. Additionally, you can also make an edible Belgian waffle in a regular waffle maker, but the finished waffle won’t be thick and fluffy.



Can I use a regular waffle maker to make waffle cones?

You cannot make a waffle cone in a regular waffle maker because the waffle needs to have a much flatter surface with shallow grids in order to be wrapped into a cone.

If you don’t have a waffle cone maker, then a better substitute is just a plain skillet or a silicone mat to make a completely flat waffle surface in the oven. Waffles made this way can be wrapped around a cone before they cool and then left to form. However, getting them to be crispy the way a cone should be is more difficult without a top plate pressing down on the batter.

If you happen to have a panini maker or waffle maker with removable plates, check to see if the other set of plates or the other side of the plates is flat like a griddle surface and can be used instead.

Is Belgian waffle batter different?

Belgian waffle batter uses egg whites to make the waffles light and yeast as a leavening agent to make them fluffy and airy. Unlike with a regular waffle mix, there is no baking soda.

Is Belgian waffle mix the same as pancake mix?

Waffles have to be crispy on the outside, unlike pancakes, which are more cake-like in texture. In order to get the crispy crust, the waffle mix has more sugar and fat than pancake mix. The sugar caramelizes in the sizzling fat to provide crispiness.

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