Electric Tea Kettle Vs Stove Top Kettle: Which is Better?

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Do you need help with deciding if an electric or stovetop kettle is better? If you’re having difficulty choosing between the two, our teardown of the electric tea kettle vs stove top kettle will help you figure out which one is best suited for you, depending on your usage and needs.

If you have a kettle in your kitchen, you should know that you own one of the oldest and most common kitchen appliances that are still in existence today. Founded in the year 1891, kettles have been usually used to boil water for making tea, pour-over coffee, instant noodles, oatmeal, and a whole lot more.

Based on the energy source, kettles are of two types – electric kettle (uses electricity) and stovetop kettle (uses electric or gas stovetop heat).



Differences Between Boiling Water on a Stove Vs Electric Kettle

In order to boil water using a stovetop kettle, you would need an external heat source generated either via gas or an electric stove. While using an electric kettle, you just need a power source, as it produces its own heat using electricity.

Even though the main difference between the two is the power source, the differences do not end here. Stovetop kettles take up more counter space because they’re short and squat, but electric kettles boil water faster. Another vital point to consider is that stovetop kettles produce a tremendous rolling boil and can even heat the water beyond the boiling point, whereas electric kettles offer unmatched features, such as a range of heat settings or automatic shut off so that you have precision with your heated water, safety measures, and energy savings.


Advantages of an Electric Kettle Over a Stove Top One

Advantages of an Electric Kettle

  • Electric kettles (especially the goose-necked kettle) are recommended for making pour-over coffee or tea because of their precision in pouring and temperature control.

  • They are more efficient, as they boil water faster because of their contained heating element, while stovetop kettles don’t utilize all the externally generated heat.

  • Due to the thermostat present inside, it just shuts off automatically when the water reaches your desired temperature, thus preventing the kettle from boiling dry. There’s less scalding steam produced and the heat-resistant body makes it safer to use. Also, you don’t need to keep a watch on your boiling water and can step away to do other things until you hear the click or beep when the kettle stops heating. Therefore, they save water, time, and even energy.

  • A vast majority of tea drinkers are unaware that different tea varieties need to be brewed at different temperatures. White and green tea should be brewed at around 180°F, while black tea requires a much higher temperature of 212°F. Oolong comes in right in the middle, as it’s best brewed at 195°F. With the temperature control feature in many electric kettles, you get to brew at a specific temperature and enjoy the best possible flavor of your tea.

  • Using an electric kettle is much more convenient, as you can use it wherever there is a power outlet. This means you get to enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you want, while traveling or even at work, and you are no more confined to your kitchen.

  • If you find the sound of whistling kettles annoying, you will love the electric kettle, as it does not make much noise when steam starts to form.

  • Most electric kettles come with a water level indicator either marked on a window built into the wall of an opaque kettle or right on the wall of a glass kettle. This gives you an easy way to know when it needs to be filled before turning it on.

    Advantages of a Stove Top Kettle Over an Electric One

    Advantages of a Stovetop Kettle

  • A stovetop kettle is more durable than an electric kettle, as it does not have any electrical components that can fail.

  • It is slightly cheaper to boil water on gas than in an electric kettle, as gas is more affordable than electricity. You must keep in mind that you need to fill the kettle just enough and put off the gas as soon as the water has boiled, which means you have to hang around to watch it.

  • Do electric kettles boil water? The highest temperature to which it will heat depends on the model, but none come to a rolling boil. As mentioned earlier, stovetop kettles produce a tremendous rolling boil and can heat water above the boiling point. If you like to make some instant meals that only need some boiling water to cover it and let it cook, you can be sure that water that is heated to a rolling boil is certain to fully cook the food.

  • Stovetop kettles lack heating or electronic elements, making them easier to clean overall. Many can even be cleaned in a dishwasher. They are ideal for hiking or camping trips where you don’t have access to power outlets.

  • They are generally more affordable and are available in more quirky vintage designs and colors.

    How do Electric Kettles Work so Fast?

    Electric kettles work faster as they do not require any external source of heat. Instead, they use a heating element in the base that is powered by a high electric current to generate heat. In simple terms, the logic behind this is that the higher the current and closer to the object that needs to be heated, the more the heat and faster the boiling.

    Another reason is that electricity is more efficient and easily transferable. Around 80 percent of the energy generated is converted into heat compared to 70 percent with gas and even lower with an electric stove burner.


    Does an Electric Kettle Use a Lot of Electricity?

    Despite gas being cheaper, it is more affordable to use electric kettles, as they are more energy-efficient and take less time to boil water.

    First of all, the amount of electricity it consumes depends on the model of your electric kettle. Using an older model will use up more electricity, as its heating coil will require more energy due to low efficiency compared to a new one. If your kettle has a keep-warm function that it automatically switches to once the water has reached the desired temperature, then it will still pull some power until it switches off completely. If you don’t plan to wait before pouring and drinking your tea, you can unplug the kettle to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.


    Is it Safe to Use an Electric Kettle?

    It is definitely safe to use electric kettles to brew your daily cup of coffee or tea. Older models used to have issues with BPA plastics coming into contact with the water. This issue can be easily resolved nowadays by opting for a stainless steel or glass kettle or one with non-BPA plastic parts that come in contact with the water.


    What is the Best Way to Boil Water for Tea?

    Electric kettles will be best for most people because they are more convenient to use and energy-efficient and many kettles come with temperature control, which is great for brewing different types of teas at the preferred temperature. With times evolving, electric kettles offer a wide range of new features and functions. They are even safer to use and can be used wherever there is a power source. Not to forget, you do not need to keep a watch on your boiling water. For the utmost convenience, you can even choose a tea kettle with an inbuilt infuser but don’t try to brew tea in a regular electric kettle.



    If you’re planning to buy a kettle and want to know whether to get a stove top or electric tea kettle, we give the edge to an electric kettle, especially if you choose one with temperature control and a filter in the spout if you live in a hard water area.

    If it’s for an office or you just prefer a quiet appliance, then choose one of these quietest electric kettles on the market.

    If you need a rolling boil for your water then consider our recommendations for best gas stovetop tea kettles.

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