Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser 2024

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Manufacturers want to make your life easy so you can enjoy the best cup of tea every time without the elaborate setup of a separate kettle and teapot. They’ve combined the best of both worlds: an electric kettle that also steeps tea leaves, so you can brew your tea without going through several brewing steps. Easy-peasy, and once your tea is ready, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. We’ve got the goods on top models so that you can quickly choose the best electric tea kettle with infuser to suit your needs.

So back to loose tea leaves. Brewing tea is an art, and any tea lover (or connoisseur) will tell you that using tea bags doesn’t yield the same flavor profile as when you brew loose leaf tea. Plus, what’s really off-putting is that what you’ll find in tea bags are broken tea leaves, or the dust and fannings thereof. That’s a big yuck! 

The most common way to brew tea is to use both a teapot and a kettle. However, using a separate teapot to steep tea with an infuser and a stovetop or electric kettle to heat the water not only requires more countertop space but also requires you to intervene in between. Once the kettle finishes boiling, you have to pour the hot water into the teapot or cup that’s holding the infuser and wait again for the tea leaves to steep before drinking. That’s why an electric tea infuser kettle is so convenient.


Best Overall

Yabano Electric Glass Kettle and Smart Tea Maker with Temperature Control

​Yabano Electric Glass Kettle and Smart Tea Maker with Temperature Control

  • 1.7L and 1500 watts

  • Plungedown cylindrical infuser

  • Boil-dry protection, automatic shut off and keep warm

  • 4 temperature settings for ideal tea brewing
  • Runner up

    Chefman Electric Kettle w-Temperature Control and Removable Tea Infuser

    Chefman Electric Kettle w-Temperature Control and Removable Tea Infuser

  • 1.8L and 1500 watts

  • Removable cylindrical infuser

  • Boil-dry protection and automatic shut off

  • 5 temperature settings for ideal tea brewing
  • Budget pick

    Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Wired Tea Kettle - Model 2

    Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Wired Tea Kettle - Model 2

  • 1.8L and 1100 watts

  • Removable cylindrical infuser

  • Boil-dry protection and automatic shut off
  • Can you Brew Tea in an Electric Kettle?

    Technically, you can brew tea in an electric kettle (that is, one without an infuser). However, that doesn’t mean you should. Your regular tea kettle should only be used to heat up the water, and then you can steep or brew your tea in a teapot or in your teacup. The reason why you should preferably not add tea bags or a tea infuser to your regular tea kettle is that steeping tea in the appliance impacts the flavor of the tea. A regular tea kettle will absorb the odor and taste of the tea, and this influences the taste of any future beverages you make. Your next cup of black tea can end up tasting like oolong tea instead.

    The only time it may make sense to directly brew your tea using tea bags (not loose tea leaves) in a regular tea kettle is when you have to brew tea for many people, everyone is having the same kind of tea, and one tea bag isn’t enough for a strong brew.

    This situation might arise while you are camping, but instead of brewing your tea directly in a tea kettle, invest in a mug with a built-in infuser. Now you can easily place your loose tea leaves in the infuser, boil your water in the tea kettle, and once ready, pour it into the mug with the infuser. Let it steep, allowing you to enjoy tea that is the right strength. 

    The other scenario, where you throw a few spoons of loose leaf tea directly into a hot kettle of water, is the worst possible one. Not only will the leaves be hard to filter out when pouring the brewed tea into mugs, but they’ll clog up the spout and cause residue buildup pretty fast.

    Therefore, the next best option, instead of using a tea kettle and separately steeping tea in an infuser in a mug or in a teapot, is to buy an electric tea kettle that has a built-in infuser.


    What is an Infuser and How Does it Work?

    Tea leaves are generally steeped in an infuser, which is a mesh or perforated metal container. Tea infusers operate like tea bags, except that you can use your preferred tea leaves of high quality instead of the broken leaves and dust that many manufacturers include in the bags. The size and shape of infusers vary according to the amount of tea infused and whether the steeper is a mug or teapot. Infusers take the form of cylindrical, conical, and spherical shapes. 

    With a split sphere infuser, tea leaves can be brewed without spilling into the mug or pot of boiling hot water. Infusers are typically attached with a tong-like handle or chain so that retrieval from the pot or cup is simple. A tea strainer can be used to remove remaining pieces of leaves if the infuser has large holes.


    Reviews for the Best Glass Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

    Chefman Electric Kettle w-Temperature Control and Removable Tea Infuser

    Chefman Electric Kettle w-Temperature Control and Removable Tea InfuserThe 1500 watts Chefman 1.8 liter glass electric tea steeper and kettle has it all. It has 5 built-in temperature presets: 175 ℉ (best for green tea), 185 ℉ (white tea), 195 ℉ (oolong tea), 200 ℉ (purple tea), and 212 ℉ (black tea). This helps ensure you brew the perfect loose leaf tea (or bagged tea) each time you need a moment of comfort. Possibly even better is that the kettle has 5 different LED lights, and these correspond to the ideal temperature for the different teas (because who wants to remember what temperature goes with what tea?).

    The kettle is very versatile. With the removable infuser, you can heat water for tea, iced tea, coffee, instant food, and more. The kettle can also keep water at the desired temperature for up to one hour. Advanced safety features include the stay-cool handle, the internal thermostat that ensures that the kettle shuts off when it has reached a boil, and a Boil-Dry feature so your kettle doesn’t boil dry.

    The kettle’s hinged lid opens with a push of a button on the top and there’s a built-in stainer in the spout to keep any stray leaves from entering your cup.

    Brew your tea in style and color with this Chefman electric kettle that comes with a 1 year warranty. With temperature settings for the different kinds of tea, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup whenever you want. 


  • Color coded preferred water temperature settings are convenient.
  • Water heats up quickly so you don’t need to wait long for a lovely cuppa.
  • Small footprint since the controls are on the handle.


  • Tricky to get the infuser in the right position after you fill the kettle with water.
  • Opening is a bit small for cleaning but using a sponge brush and descaling regularly is a good solution.

    Yabano Electric Glass Kettle and Smart Tea Maker with Temperature Control

    Yabano Electric Glass Kettle and Smart Tea Maker with Temperature ControlThe 1.7 liter Yabano Smart Tea Maker is possibly the best electric tea brewer on this list. You can easily make 6-8 cups of tea, depending on the size of tea cup or mug you prefer. 

    The pushdown infuser in the Yabano is removable so you can easily clean it before making your next cuppa or use the kettle just to heat up water. The lid is also fully removable and the mouth of the kettle is wide, so you can fill the tea kettle with ease and also clean it with a hand scrubber or a bottle brush. 

    This tea kettle has a power rating of 1500 watts and offers 4 temperature controls. You simply select the kind of tea you want to brew, press the button, and you’ll have your drink in 5-7 minutes. There are buttons to heat the water to the right temperature for green, white/oolong, and black tea, as well as a button for when you crave a cup of coffee. The button for the black tea also boils the water if you simply want hot water for other purposes. 

    There’s a 60-minute “keep warm” button that you can set manually or allow it to come on automatically after it has finished heating the brew to the required temperature. Additionally, the unit remembers what functions you selected so that if you pick up the kettle to pour and then set it back on the base, it will go back to what it was doing before, whether it was heating the water or keeping your brew warm.

    You can also pick up the tea kettle from the 360-degree swivel base; this helps you not get tangled in the power cord when you need to fill up the appliance or serve tea to your guests. 

    With great functionality in terms of the temperature controls, auto shut off, keep warm, and quick boil, you can brew your favorite tea in a matter of minutes while you sit and decompress. It comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Auto shut off when kettle reaches temperature and dry-boil protection.
  • The “keep warm” function can be set manually or allowed to come on automatically.
  • Very easy to clean the inside of the tea kettle and the removable stainless steel infuser.
  • Store the tea kettle power cord under the base.

  • Only remove the lid from the tea kettle once it has cooled down to avoid burning your hand.
  • Screw on the inside of the lid gets rusty quickly, so clean it regularly to prevent rust buildup.

    ICOOKPOT Electric Temperature Control Glass Tea Kettle

    ICOOKPOT Electric Temperature Control Glass Tea KettleThe ICOOKPOT Electric Temperature Control Glass Tea Kettle is not just an electric tea infuser but is also an electric cook pot that can be used for boiling eggs, making yogurt, and making instant foods. It comes with various accessories for all these and has a large capacity at 2 liters. Because this is not just meant for boiling water, its power rating, at 800W, is quite a bit lower than regular tea kettles.

    The temperature of this electric tea kettle can be controlled (160°C-200°F) so you can get the best flavor from teas and coffees, or simply boil water for cooking. It also serves as a perfect appliance for warming milk, oatmeal and pasta. It can do all this using smart programs. Choosing your preferred function requires a rotation of the MENU dial without having to set the time or temperature, and you only need to wait for the heating time to end.

    Once that happens, it will switch to the warming mode automatically or you can set it manually using the “warm” button. You can also cancel any operation at any time by the press of the “cancel” button. There’s also a “delay” button that lets you set the kettle to start heating automatically at a later preferred time. Finally, a child lock button keeps kids from accidentally turning the kettle on.

    This borosilicate glass and stainless steel kettle is made with food-grade materials and does not contain any harmful substances or unpleasant odors. 

    There is a stainless steel mesh filter on the easy-pour spout, making this a good kettle for hard water areas. The mesh filter prevents the entry of scale deposits in your cup. A simple lid opening for the wide top makes filling easy and there is a 360° cordless base for convenient pouring.


  • Good for quick and easy cooking tasks.
  • Good value for money.
  • Largest capacity on this list.
  • Can be set to a delayed start.

  • 200°F is the maximum temperature for heating, which is just under actual boiling point.
  • The lid comes off too easily and may fall off when pouring.
  • Slow to boil.

    Bonsenkitchen 1.7L 2200W Fast Heating Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser

    Bonsenkitchen 1.7L 2200W Fast Heating Electric Kettle with Tea InfuserThe Bonsenkitchen Fast Heating Electric Kettle with a removable tea infuser comes with overheat protection and an automatic shut off function. The appliance heats up quickly and quietly with the 2200 wattage; boiling 1.7 liters of water is ready in 5-7 minutes! 

    The body of the kettle is made from durable, BPA-free borosilicate glass while the base is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. The blue LED indicator at the base will light up when the kettle is boiling. 

    The infuser height within the kettle is adjustable, as it has a plunger that you can operate from above the lid. No matter what the level of water is, the infuser can be submerged for proper steeping.

    To set your temperature from a range of 104-212 degrees, use the single key touch screen control panel on the handle to set the preferred heat for your tea. To quickly brew some tea at the right temperature, this kettle makes no loud noises, so it’s perfect for your dorm room, apartment, or home. If you hold down the “On” button, it switches to the “stay warm” function.

    This kettle comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • Simple 2 button control system.
  • Boils very fast.
  • Easy to clean with the detachable lid and wide-mouth opening.
  • Can be used even for just 1 cup of tea because the infuser can be pushed right to the bottom.

  • The shaft and infuser lid is always attached to the lid of the pot.
  • The instructions for using the controls are confusing.

    Megachef Electric Light Up Wired Tea Kettle – Model 2

    Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Wired Tea Kettle - Model 2The Megachef Model 2 tea kettle looks great in a modern kitchen. This tea kettle is so popular because of its affordability and beautiful design. 

    When boiling water, the tea kettle has lights around the base that turn on. Users will know that the kettle is properly in place on its base if the light turns on when you switch the kettle on. Because of the 360 degree contact base, it’s easy to remove the cordless tea kettle from any angle.

    The auto-off function will let you do other things you want while boiling the water. Its boil dry protection also makes it safer to use.

    The Megachef is large enough for family tea and has a capacity of 1.8L with wattage of 1100W. The glass of the tea kettle makes it easy to see how much water is in it and you can check the color of the brewing tea to know when it’s ready to pour or remove the tea infuser. The tea leaves will not be able to escape from the micro mesh of the infuser.

    Even if the water is boiling, the insulated plastic handle will stay cool to keep you safe. It’s easy to clean with the detachable infuser and lid.


  • Simple to use.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Large capacity.

  • The inside of the handle has a small design flaw that allows condensation to accumulate. As a result, it appears the product leaks from the bottom when it actually doesn’t.
  • No variable temperature control to brew different types of teas.

    Best Automatic Tea Maker Machine

    Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

    Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea MakerThere’s no need to look further than the 1500 watt Breville One-Touch for a fully automatic tea maker machine that’s a tea lover’s dream! It is the best electric tea maker on the market but is expensive. It allows you to effortlessly make a perfect pot of tea, keeping it hot for up to an hour after brewing.

    According to consumers, every pot comes out exactly right! Your tea is prepared at the proper temperature, no matter what type of tea you love: green, oolong, white or black. The Breville’s tea basket automatically moves up and down to allow the water to circulate around the tea leaves so that tea is completely infused. The perfect water temperature is held constant while the tea is steeped.

    The Breville can be set to brew at a pre-programmed time, so that your tea is ready when you are; or, you can use your One-Touch to make hot water (perhaps for hot chocolate on a cold morning!). It works well, is easy to use and very convenient.

    Additionally, there is a ‘warm’ button featured on the unit that you can simply press and the warmer will come on for 60 minutes.  You can do this continuously to keep your pot hot all day long and an LCD display tells you how long it has been since the brew was made so you know how fresh it is at any given time.

    The German made glass kettle is stain resistant and durable and the rest of the unit is a sleek brushed stainless steel. There’s even a tea scoop for measuring out the perfect cup of tea.

    While this appliance is designed for use with loose tea leaves, you can use it with tea bags. Just cut off the string, place the bag in the basket and start. In order to get a full strength of tea, set the brew time a bit higher than you would for loose leaves.


  • The steeping temperature and time work very well.
  • Infusion works well even for 2 small cups of tea.
  • It does everything on its own once you set it up and push the button.

  • When the carafe is full it is quite heavy to lift with one hand.
  • Not the easiest to clean.

    Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Infuser

    SAKI Turkish Tea Maker

    SAKI Turkish Tea MakerThe SAKI Turkish Tea Maker Machine is designed very differently and is actually two tea kettles in one. The lower half is the part that actually boils water, while the upper part steeps tea with the help of a removable infuser.

    First, remove the top pot, fill the lower pot, turn the kettle on by pressing on the lever at the base, and set it to boil using the two-way switch. There’s a window on the side to let you check the water level at all times.

    Once it’s ready, you can pour the water into the infuser in the top pot. Set the steeping pot back over the lower kettle and switch the kettle to the warming function so that the tea stays at the right temperature while the tea brews and until you’re ready to drink.

    The kettle is protected by a safety boil-dry feature.


  • Very simple and effective operation for strong tea.
  • Keeps brewed tea hot until you’re ready to drink.
  • Both the halves and the infuser are very easy to clean.
  • Both pots come with a lid so you can use each one separately.

  • The metal body is a bit thin.
  • A few complaints that the bottom lid was missing.

    Small Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

    Breville BTM500CLR Smart Tea Infuser Compact Tea Maker

    Breville BTM500CLR Smart Tea Infuser Compact Tea MakerThe Breville Smart Tea Infuser Compact Tea Maker comes with quite a lot of features. Not only do you get 5 different levels to set the temperature to brew your favorite tea, but you can also set the steep time from 1-5 minutes, so making a weak, mild, or strong cup of tea is easy. You’ll also know exactly when to remove the tea basket, as the timer will beep once your tea has been brewed to perfection. However, you don’t have to rush to pour your tea because it automatically switches to keep warm for up to 30 minutes as long as you have pressed and hold the Temp/Keep Warm button for two seconds. You can adjust the volume of alerts or even mute it, which makes it one of the quietest electric kettles available.

    This compact tea maker can make 4 cups (or 34 ounces) of tea, and is the best tea making machine for an individual, small family, or small office. It is easy to clean. Simply press the one-touch magnetic top button and the detachment releases. Once this happens, you can safely remove the tea basket for cleaning, which you can do in the dishwasher.

    The kettle comes with a 1 year warranty.

    NOTE: If you like these features but need a bigger kettle, check out the 7 cup (1.65L) Breville BTM600CLR Smart Tea Infuser Tea Maker instead.


  • Temperature control for green, white, oolong, herbal, and black tea.
  • Set your steep time to enjoy your tea to your preference, whether it is weak, mild, or strong.
  • Quality construction.
  • Beeps can be adjusted to be loud, not-so-loud, or muted.

  • Can’t change the steep time on the fly; you need to reset the whole brewing/boiling process.
  • Best to use a “skinny” spoon to add the loose tea leaves to the infuser to prevent them from falling onto the ring at the top or under the infuser rim.
  • There’s nothing “smart” about the kettle, since each function requires you to manually set it.

    BUYDEEM K2423 Tea Maker

    BUYDEEM K2423 Tea MakerThe 1.2 liter BUYDEEM K2423 Tea Maker has a control base with 6 functions. There’s the stop/off button, and buttons to heat the tea maker at the following degrees: 212 degrees (boiling), 205 degrees (black/herbal), 195 degrees (oolong), 185 degrees (white), and 175 degrees (green). Each one lights up when pressed. The kettle will beep when the water heats to the appropriate temperature. It has an auto “keep warm” function that keeps the water at your desired brewing temperature for up to an hour and then there’s an auto-off for safety purposes.

    Cleaning the pot and infuser is very easy. The lid is removable and the opening is wide. The infuser is wide too, which allows the tea leaves to steep evenly.

    The removable tea infuser is made from 316 stainless steel and it comes with FDA certifications. The glass tea maker is made from German Schott glass. There’s a cord wrap feature so you can store the cord in the base to save space and have your kitchen counter stay neat.

    This kettle comes with a 1 year warranty.  


  • The pot and infuser are easy to clean.
  • Tea leaves have plenty of room to steep evenly.
  • Heats water quickly.
  • Sturdy build and quality for an affordable price.

  • Some customers complained that it trips their circuit breaker.
  • The infuser is quite deep, which makes it difficult to clean the bottom without a bottle brush.
  • Expensive.

    Taylor Swoden Small Electric Tea Kettle

    Taylor Swoden Small Electric Tea KettleThe 1-liter capacity Taylor Swoden Small Electric Tea Kettle is compact and boils up to 1 letter of water quickly with its 1100 wattage. The bright blue LED light switches on so you know the kettle is heating, plus the light makes the appliance a visual focal point when entertaining. 

    The tea kettle has a “keep warm” function, so you can decide whether you want the water temperature to stay between 176°F and 185°F. It will switch to it if the temperature falls to 176°F or lower.

    The tea strainer (or infuser) is removable and made from stainless steel. You can brew loose tea leaves or bagged tea. 
    The body of the kettle is made from high quality borosilicate glass that’s resistant to high temperatures, taste and odor less, and non-toxic. For easy cleaning, the kettle has a big spout and it helps you conveniently store the kettle cord by wrapping it under the base. The spout also has a detachable filter to prevent rogue tea leaves and hard water scales from entering your cup when you pour.

    The Taylor Swoden tea maker doesn’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter space, so if you are looking for a compact glass kettle with a tea infuser that will keep the water warm, then look no further. Due to its small size, it is ideal for a kitchen nook or bachelor’s pad.


  • Cool-to-touch, anti-slip handle.
  • Automatic switch off and boil-dry protection, making this kettle safe.
  • “Keep warm” function at the press of a button.
  • 360-degree swivel.

  • No temperature-specific setting for different tea types.
  • You can’t remove the rim on the top for full access for cleaning purposes.
  • Reviewers complain that the base seems to be flimsy, especially if the cord is stored underneath it.

    How to Use an Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

    To use an electric tea kettle that has an infuser, follow these steps: 

    1. Measure out your loose tea leaves with a spoon and carefully add this into the tea infuser.
    2. Secure the infuser properly so that no leaves escape and lower it into the kettle.
    3. Slowly fill the tea kettle with water until the “fill line” or according to how many cups of tea you would like to brew.
    4. Depending on the kettle, either switch it on so the water can boil or adjust the temperature settings so your tea kettle can heat up to the right temperature for your kind of tea.
    5. Let the tea kettle with the infuser heat the water and brew your tea.
    6. Most tea kettles automatically switch off when the water has come to a boil or when it has reached the set temperature.
    7. Pour and enjoy, but set the “keep warm” function, if there is one, to enjoy a second cup of tea later.

    Pro tip: Rinse the infuser and the electric tea kettle as soon as possible so your black tea taste doesn’t remain when you brew white tea the next time.


    How to Choose the Best Electric Kettle with Infuser


    The infuser needs to have enough space so the tea leaves can move around and be completely soaked while the water heats up and boils. This helps extract maximum flavor. 

    The tea infuser should also be removable. This makes it easy to clean so you can wash out the tea leaves and then add different kinds of tea leaves for your next cup of tea. You could even leave out the infuser completely if you want to just heat plain water to use for other things like pour-over coffee and instant noodles or oatmeal.

    The last thing about the infuser you need to keep in mind is how fine the mesh is. The mesh should be fine enough so that loose tea leaves stay inside the infuser; you certainly don’t want these leaves “polluting” your tea. 

    Kettle Size

    The kettle size or capacity of the kettle is another factor to consider in your hunt for a tea steeper kettle. Do you want or need a large tea kettle to serve tea to your family, friends, or coworkers? Or would a small, compact tea maker suffice? 

    Most large tea kettles can hold between 1.7-2 liters of water; in general, you can make about 8 cups of tea. Compact kettles make 4 cups of tea or contain 1 liter or less of water. 

    Variable Temperature Control

    A useful feature when you brew tea is having variable temperature control settings on the kettle. Some kettles allow you the option to set the temperature you want to brew your tea at; not all tea should be infused at a boil as it may be too bitter or strong, and overheating the tea leaves can change the flavor of your favorite tea. 

    Most tea kettles with temperature control allow you to choose between 5-6 options: 212 degrees Fahrenheit (the water boils and is ideal for black tea), 205 degrees (for purple or herbal tea, or black tea if you don’t prefer it too strong), 195 degrees (for oolong tea), 185 degrees (for white tea), and 175 degrees (for green tea).  

    Heating Speed

    Some tea kettles take quite a long time to come to a boil. This is sometimes dependent on how much water has been poured into the kettle. However, this also depends on the wattage of the tea maker, as an appliance with a higher wattage has more power and can heat the water faster. 

    Some tea kettles heat the water and come to a boil in about 4 minutes while others take up to 10 minutes. 
    How long it takes for the water to heat up also directly affects how long the tea steeps for (unless your tea kettle has a timer to set the steeping time). 

    Quality of Construction

    When choosing a glass electric tea kettle, choose one that has a borosilicate glass carafe so that there’s no risk of cracking due to the high heat. Of course, the heating element will be encased in metal, so that part should be food-grade stainless steel. If it is a stainless steel kettle, this is even more important, as you don’t want rust to appear anywhere. The appliance should also be non-toxic, so BPA-free, especially all parts that come in contact with water.

    The handle of the kettle should also be durable, anti-slip, and cool to touch. The base should be sturdy, whether you have the cord of the tea kettle wrapped and stored underneath or not.  

    Other Features

    Other features you may want to consider include:

  • Steep time; some tea kettles allow you to decide how long you want to steep your tea for so your cup of tea can be strong, mild, or weak, depending on your preferences.
  • A “keep warm” feature to maintain the warm/hot temperature of your water/tea for 30-60 minutes.
  • Auto shut off and boil-dry protection ensures your kettle switches off once it has either come to a boil or it has been keeping the water warm for a certain amount of time.
  • Easy storage for the tea kettle cord under the base so your kitchen looks neat.
  • LED light so your kettle lights up and looks pretty while it boils the water and infuses it with your tea; some kettles also have color-coded LED lights that correspond to the temperature controls.
  • Indicator sound, like the switch click or soft beep, to let you know when it has finished heating.
  • Water indicator levels, or “fill line” so you know what is the maximum and minimum volume of water you can or should add to the kettle.
  • Fully removable lid or one that opens completely so you can easily fill the tea kettle with water or clean/descale it.
  • 360-degree swivel base so you can rotate the kettle.
  • Cordless kettle so you can lift the kettle off its base to gracefully pour your tea or serve your guests without a cable dragging over your tea tray.

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