Best Coffee Makers that Brew at 200 Degrees 2024

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There is nothing quite like a high-quality, flavorful cup of coffee in the morning. After all, it is the reason most of us get up in the morning (or the caffeine hits our system and gives us the energy to be awake enough to start our day).

Every coffee lover knows that not every cup of Joe is made the same. The optimal range of temperature to brew your coffee is between 195-205℉, and 200℉ is exactly in the middle of this range to optimally extract the flavor so it isn’t bitter and does not lose flavor.

What are the best coffee makers that brew at 200 degrees? Let’s find out. We also have more information about how hot coffee should be and the features that help ensure a wonderful java hits your taste buds.


Best Overall

​Moccamaster KBG Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker

​Moccamaster KBG Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker

  • A Half or full 40 oz glass carafe

  • Adjustable brewing speed and hotplate temperature

  • Choice of 9 different colors
  • Runner up

    ​Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

    ​Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

  • 6 brew sizes from different cup sizes to half or full glass carafe

  • 4 different coffee brew types and an included frother

  • Stay warm plate can be programmed
  • Budget pick

    BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

    BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

  • Choice between 20 oz mug or full 50 oz thermal carafe

  • Always on hot water tank for fast brewing

  • Choice between regular and high altitude model
  • ​How Hot Should Coffee Be?

    The temperature of coffee being served vs. coffee being brewed is not the same. The standard or professional coffee brewing temperature is 195-205℉. The coffee grounds should be at room temperature while the water is at that range when the water hits them.

    If the water is cooler than 195℉, then the coffee brew may be under-extracted, resulting in a watered-down taste. Most Keurigs brew at a fixed 192℉, which means that many owners complain that their coffee isn’t hot enough. On the other hand, if the water is hotter than 205℉, then it scalds the coffee grounds and you get a burnt taste.

    How coffee is enjoyed (or drunk) depends on the drinker. Some people like their coffee piping hot while others prefer it at a lower temperature so they can taste the nuances of the flavor notes of their cup of coffee. In general, most people prefer to drink their coffee at around 136 degrees.

    In general, if the coffee drinker wants to taste the flavors, even the subtle ones, of their favorite java, then the coffee should be served at 120-140℉.

    For a cup full of acidity and sweetness, serve coffee below 120℉. For some people, this cup of Joe may be too cool and they’ll opt to reheat it in the microwave. This is never recommended, as the taste of the coffee changes completely when reheated. Instead, if your coffee is a touch cool, enjoy it and taste the sharper, brighter, sweet, and acidic notes.

    For coffee served at between 155-175℉, you will have a rounded cup of java where you can pick up some sweetness with bitter notes. And if the coffee is served at 180-185℉, then the drinker likes the warming sensation that comes with their coffee, and this is particularly nice on a cold, snowy winter day.

    What to Look for in a 200 Degrees Coffee Machine

    With coffee makers that brew at 200℉, you should look at the brewing capacity and the size of the coffee makers. So consider if you are only making coffee for yourself or your whole family, as well as how much kitchen counter space for the coffee maker you have. You may prefer having an option to brew either just a single cup of hot coffee or a half or full carafe. Keep in mind that coffee machine manufacturers almost always consider a cup as 5 ounces and not 8 ounces, so keep that in mind when a model brew capacity is stated in cups. If you’re not particularly looking for the hottest brew just for yourself but want it to be a good machine in other respects, we have our picks for the best single serve coffee makers that don’t use pods.

    Another factor to keep in mind is how you can optimize the brewing process. Firstly, ensure the coffee maker heats the water to the right temperature before the water gets to the coffee grounds. Secondly, the coffee machine should have a large shower head; this ensures the water is sprayed evenly over the coffee grounds, which ensures maximum flavor extraction.

    You may also look at pre-infusion, which increases the blooming time. The water needs to thoroughly soak the coffee grounds; this boosts the flavor extraction. Another factor to consider is the water filter. Ideally, this ensures there are no impurities in the water, as pure clean water doesn’t affect how your java tastes.

    ​Advanced Features

    Ensure your 200℉ coffee maker is fully customizable. An adjustable and precise PID temperature control ensures the flavor profile of the coffee is balanced. An adjustable water pump optimizes the contact time the water has with the coffee ground, so this controls the flow rate.

    A powerful thermo-coil heating system quickly heats up the water. An automated Golden Cup mode takes the guesswork out of brewing your 200℉ coffee and ensures the coffee is brewed according to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

    If you need to set a time for your coffee to brew automatically, ensure the machine has a programmable auto brew function. The programmable auto standby mode helps you save on your electricity bill, and the child lock safety feature is handy if you have kids.

    ​Coffee Makers That Make Very Hot Coffee

    Here are reviews of the 7 best coffee makers that brew coffee at 200℉:

    Technivorm ​Moccamaster KBG Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker

    ​Moccamaster KBG Select 10-Cup Coffee Maker

    The Moccamaster KBG Select is a pretty coffee maker, but more than that, it makes a perfect cup of coffee every time and it is a 10-cup coffee machine. Every coffee maker is individually tested to ensure quality.

    It is available in 9 colors, from candy apple red, copper, midnight blue to turquoise, pistachio green, matte black, and more. The Moccamaster will look great on any kitchen counter, and it works with all decor styles.

    But more important than aesthetics is the temperature and quality of the brew. The Moccamaster is a pump-free machine that heats the water with its copper boiling element to the correct temperature (196-205 degrees F) before it is “poured over” the ground coffee for optimal extraction with a steeping time of 4-6 minutes.

    You also have a brew-volume selector, so you can choose to brew a full or half carafe. You can also adjust the brewing speed and the under-carafe hotplate temperature according to your needs. Once you’ve selected these settings, you only have to start the machine with one switch and you can walk away.

    There’s a drip-stop that prevents any leaking once you lift the glass carafe off the hotplate. After brewing, the power and hotplate will automatically turn off after 100 minutes. It will also turn off automatically if the water reservoir is empty.

    The Moccamaster makes many fresh, delicious cups of coffee at once. If you want to have your coffee grounds extracted for optimal flavor, then the Moccamaster deserves a space in your kitchen. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


    • Makes coffee fast and quietly.
    • Very simple to use and turns out consistent results.
    • The only coffee maker that makes a half carafe and full carafe of coffee to the Golden Cup standard, according to the SCA.
    • Safe, as the hotplate and switch turn off after 100 minutes, and the drip-stop automatically stops the drip when the carafe is removed.
    • All plastics are BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free.


    • The cup measurement is rather small, so you don’t actually get 10 cups from a full carafe.
    • Need to use 6 scoops of coffee ground to make 8 4-ounce cups of coffee, so according to reviewers, it uses a lot of coffee grounds.
    • No programmable timer to have coffee ready for drinking when you get up in the morning.
    • Expensive.

    ​Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Thermal

    Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Thermal

    Want to know what coffee maker makes the hottest coffee? It’s difficult to say definitively, but this one should definitely be in at least the top 3 because you can choose to brew coffee at quite a high temperature or you can choose to brew it at another lower level, like 200 degrees. The Breville Precision Brewer Thermal comes with a thermal carafe so you can brew third wave specialty coffee with this 60-ounce drip coffee maker.

    Coffee afficianados will have a lot of customizable options with this coffee maker. There are 6 unique brewing modes so you can make a cup of coffee that is perfect for your tastes, every time. The modes are gold, fast, strong, iced, cold brew, and my brew.

    The Breville BDC450 comes with a digital temperature control (PID), bloom rate selection, as well as 3 flow rates so water contact with the coffee grounds is optimized. Most coffee makers use aluminum to deliver the hot water to the coffee grounds, but the Breville uses a Thermo Coil Heating System. The benefit of this is that the water is purer.

    This coffee maker also adheres to the Gold Cup Standards when in the gold mode, so the water temperature is automatically adjusted to heat up to between 197-204℉. The auto steep and release technology the Breville uses ensures the water remains in contact with the coffee grounds where small cup volumes are brewed (without the carafe in place).

    A unique feature is the manual pour-over adapter that comes along with this machine. This is so you can use your favorite manual coffee pour-over dripper like a Hario or Kalita instead of the included Breville one if you prefer.

    If you want to brew the best craft filter coffee at 200 degrees with loads of customizable options, then the Breville coffee maker is a must.

    Accessories, like the thermal carafe, coffee spoon, mesh basket filter, flat bottom basket filter paper pack of 10, cone filter basket insert, and water hardness test strip, are included. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


    • The My Brew setting allows you to customize the bloom time, flow rate, and brew temperature to match your coffee preference.
    • Included dual filter baskets (flat bottom and cone) allows you to brew any volume of coffee.
    • Compatible with a pour over adapter.
    • Ability to choose a Gold Cup preset mode to brew at an ideal temperature range and length of time.
    • Can brew everything from single cups to half and full carafes.


    • A pricey coffee maker but worth the price considering all the included accessories, customization options, and durable build.
    • Water reservoir is not removable.
    • The machine is a bit loud according to some reviewers.

    ​Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

    ​Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

    The Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker comes with a 50 ounce glass carafe and removable water reservoir. You can make 4 different coffee brew types in 6 brew sizes, from your to-go travel mug and a single cup to a half or full carafe. If you don’t just want a classic coffee brew, this coffee maker makes a rich coffee concentrate you can use to make iced or hot lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, iced coffee, and more. There is even a fold-away frother to make a silky smooth froth from hot or cold milk.

    The Ninja’s Thermal flavor extraction technology ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly saturated and given blooming time, all while maintaining a consistent temperature. When brewing with the carafe, the warming plate is set to stay on the “HI” mode for 2 hours by default but you can set this to a maximum of 4 hours or choose the “LO” setting. If you don’t want the warming plate on, you can switch it to the “Stay Warm” setting. The whole unit will turn off after 1 hour of inactivity. It also has a programmable delay function if you want your coffee to be ready just as you wake up in the morning.

    Also included with the Ninja are a smart scoop, gold-tone permanent filter, recipe inspiration guide, owner’s manual, and quick start guide.

    The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a big machine, but if you have the counter space and want to make more than just a classic brew, then this machine will serve you well.


    • Thermal flavor extraction to unlock the coffee’s full flavor potential.
    • Makes a classic brew, iced coffee, or a rich coffee concentrate to use in coffeehouse-style beverages.
    • Water reservoir is removable so you can easily clean it.
    • Versatile in making coffee in various sized-containers/cups.


    • Has a large footprint.
    • Frother doesn’t steam or warm up the milk; if you want to use hot milk, you need to heat it up first.

    ​Cuisinart PurePrecision CPO-850 Coffee Brewer

    ​Cuisinart PurePrecision CPO-850 Coffee Brewer

    The Cuisinart PurePrecision Coffee Brewer is a pour over brewer with a choice of either a 64 oz thermal carafe or a glass carafe that’s SCA certified, meaning it meets the requirements of this organization. This ensures you buy a quality product.

    The coffee maker offers flavor strength control, so you can brew your java to be mild, medium, or bold in flavor. There is also temperature control, so your coffee can be hot or extra hot.

    This Cuisinart is fully electric, pre-wetting the coffee grounds before they are brewed to allow the flavor to bloom. You can program it to start at a specific time, shut off automatically, or even self clean. If you can’t wait until it finishes brewing a whole carafe, you can pause it and get just a cup in between.

    If you choose the glass carafe model, there is a warming plate to keep your brew warm and you can adjust to work for up to 2 hours before it automatically shuts off.

    Included with the machine is a charcoal water filter, a stainless steel permanent filter, and a starter pack of #4 paper filters. If you want a coffee maker that’s customizable and that has a programmable function so you can wake up and have your coffee ready, then the Cuisinart machine is a great addition for your kitchen.


    • Customizable with temperature control, flavor strength control, and 24-hour programmable functionality.
    • Meets SCA requirements.
    • Has a great LED display with bright numbers that are easy to read.
    • Brew pause to make a cup of coffee even before the cycle is complete.
    • Has a water shower head design for even saturation.


    • There are a few complaints of the thermal carafe leaking from the lid when you pour.
    • Coffee won’t stay hot for more than 30 minutes after brewing.

    ​BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

    BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker

    There is an updated design amongst the fast brewing coffee makers by BUNN. Due to the stainless steel commercial-grade tank, the BUNN Speed Brew Platinum Thermal Coffee Maker can brew 10 cups in about 4 minutes or a 20 oz travel size mug of coffee in 2. Unlike traditional coffee makers, it always stay plugged in, ready to brew coffee.

    It keeps up to 70 ounces of water at an instantly brew-ready temperature, unlike other home coffee makers that pour boiling water over your grounds in spurts. It doesn’t allow temperatures to go above 200 degrees, which would result in burned flavors. Instead, this machine consistently produces brewed coffee of the highest quality.

    It is designed with an innovative spray head that evenly showers the grinds and maximizes coffee extraction and taste. The funnel can accommodate BUNN filters, which are 1/4 inches higher than conventional filters. Due to this unique design, the coffee grounds do not overflow and water flows quickly.

    The double-walled thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for over 2 hours.

    If you live at a high altitude, BUNN makes a similar model that presets its boiling point to accommodate the high altitude. If you have enough space in your kitchen, whether at home or at the office, pick the model that suits your home altitude and enjoy your quality brew. Just be sure to clean it regularly by following the instructions in order to keep it in tip top shape.


    • Makes great tasting coffee.
    • Uses pre-heated water technology, so you don’t have to wait long between cups or carafes.
    • Can brew a full carafe or travel mug.
    • Comes with a tank water indicator and spray head to optimally extract the flavor.
    • 3-year warranty and very durable.


    • If you use a cheaper regular height filter, you may end up with overflowing grounds.
    • The machine always has to be on if you want coffee throughout the day, otherwise, the tank takes a long time to heat up first.

    ​Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

    ​Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

    In 6 minutes, the Bonavita Connoisseur Touch Coffee Maker makes 8 cups of Joe. The optional pre-infusion mode mimics a pour over brewing technique to allow time for the coffee grounds to bloom for maximum flavor. The coffee maker boasts a superior heater to maintain a brewing temperature of 195-205 degrees F, and this ensures a better flavor profile and faster brewing.

    The shower head saturates the coffee grounds well for the flavor extraction to occur uniformly, and the hanging flat bottom filter basket further aids the flavor releasing process. You’ll also hear a “chime” when the brewing cycle has ended.

    If you want a “basic” coffee maker that brews your coffee at 200 degrees for optimum flavor and a machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your counter, then you can’t go wrong with the Bonavita, provided you don’t need an auto-on feature.


    • For ease, the machine uses one-touch brewing.
    • Brew a Golden Cup Standard carafe of coffee.
    • Small footprint under your kitchen cabinets or on your counter.


    • Releases a lot of steam above the filter basket.
    • You have to wait 2-3 minutes more after the chime goes off for it to stop dripping; in the meantime, the coffee is cooling in the carafe because you can’t put the lid on without removing it from the plate.

    ​OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker

    ​OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker

    The OXO Brew Coffee Maker makes eight 5 oz. cups of gold-standard coffee. You can brew your coffee into the carafe or a cup. A removable well cover that lets you elevate a smaller cup or leave room for a taller mug. To optimize the flavor profile of the java, use the single-serve accessory and the brew basket accessory.

    The coffee maker has Better Brew precision control so you can control the brew cycle and water temperature to brew the cup of coffee of your liking. With the rainmaker shower head, water is distributed evenly over the coffee grounds, ensuring optimal flavor extraction.

    For a compact coffee maker that makes Golden Cup Standard coffee and that’s easy to clean with the cleaning mode, get yourself the OXO coffee maker.


    • Thermal carafe is double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep your coffee hotter for longer.
    • On the single serve option you can use a small cup or tall mug without any coffee splashing out.
    • Cleaning mode is convenient.
    • Space-saving design.


    • Can’t be programmed to autostart.
    • Non-removable water reservoir.

    ​Features That Help Make Great Coffee

    There are quite a number of features that determine how great a cup of coffee is. It starts at the plantation and harvesting process, and then it moves to the roasting and brewing style.


    There are numerous factors that affect your coffee in the plantation phase, and some of these are the altitude, the climate, the quality of soil, and water system and frequency of watering.


    The coffee cherries need to be harvested, transported, and milled at the right time. Naturally processed coffee beans are the freshest; however, the other methods of processing the coffee cherries are hulled, dry-hulled, wet-hulled, honey processed, or wet/dry processed.


    This factor is important; it determines the coffee characteristics and taste. The levels of roasting can be seen in the color of the roasted coffee bean, which ranges from light to extra dark, and the darker the bean, the more heat it absorbs.

    ​Brewing Style

    There are various coffee brewing styles, and within this, the ground size, filter, water temperature, equipment, and more affects how your cup of joe will taste. When coffee is brewed, the soluble material is extracted from the roasted ground coffee. When hot water is added to the roasted ground coffee, various components in the form of acids, lipids, sugar, and caffeine are extracted, creating a coffee brew.

    There are even all-in-one dual brew coffee makers that let you choose between making a whole carafe or a single serving and you can even use your favorite coffee grounds or pods. Some models even let you make a cold brew or tea.

    ​How to Keep Coffee Hot in Coffee Maker

    There are 2 ways to keep your coffee hot in the coffee maker. Between these 2 methods, which is to get a coffee maker with a hotplate or a thermal carafe, there isn’t a big difference in the temperature loss.

    After an hour, a carafe on a hotplate can increase or decrease the coffee temperature by 2.5℉ while thermal carafes lose almost 4℉ in the same time.

    A thermal carafe is heavy, and pouring your coffee may not be the easiest. Moreover, these are not easy to clean. But pros for choosing a thermal carafe include that the coffee isn’t “cooked” and it doesn’t use any extra power. Your coffee will also taste fresher since no extra heat is added.

    On the other hand, a glass carafe with a hotplate is potentially a burn risk, especially if you have young kids at home. The coffee flavor changes over time with the heat that’s added and the slight evaporation. It also uses more electricity. If you want hot coffee an hour or so after it has been brewed, then a hotplate is ideal as there is no loss in temperature.

    ​How Hot Does Keurig Brew?

    You’ll find that the maximum water’s internal temperature in a Keurig brewer is 192℉, which isn’t the temperature water boils at (212℉). The heat is enough to brew a delicious cup of coffee (or tea or hot chocolate), as pouring boiling water over coffee grounds extracts the flavor too early, producing coffee that tastes bitter.

    The coffee, however, is dispensed at a cooler temperature than 192℉ and the cup you use also causes temperature variations.

    If you pour your brew into an insulated cup, like a foam cup, the temperature of your cup of Joe will be around 180-185℉, but once poured into a cold ceramic cup, for example, the temperature falls quite dramatically.

    It is best to drink your coffee and other hot beverages at around 140℉, as drinking hotter beverages increases your risk of developing esophageal cancer.

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