Choosing the Best Hot Tea Maker Machine

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Tea drinkers don’t need to be left out in the cold when it comes to tea making with machines. Just like the convenience that coffee drinkers can opt for, you can use a tea brewing machine to give you a perfect cuppa every time. When looking for the best hot tea maker machine for your needs think about what features are important to you and which ones are just added bonuses. Some machines are fully automated marvels but cost a pretty penny, while some are simpler and cheaper but still make great tea. The following are some features to look out for.

Safety is important so check to see if a thermostat is included with an auto-shut off for when the water dries up. Various teas taste best at specific brewing temperatures, so if you like having different ones, check to see if you can set brewing temperature manually or by pre-sets. Also think about whether you like to control brewing time for lighter or stronger brews. Does the machine alert you when the process is over? An indicator light is good but an audible beep is even better.

Tea connoisseurs often like teas that don’t come in tea bags or pods, but may sometimes like the convenience and speed of bags too, so if you’re in that category, make sure you can use bags as well as loose tea leaves. A hot tea machine may also be able to make cold brews or even coffee or vice versa, so a family with different tastes will benefit from a multipurpose machine. Finally, can the various parts come apart for easy cleanup and/or dishwasher use?

If you only want an electric kettle without the infuser but with temperature control to heat water for tea or pour over coffee, try one of these electric kettles with temperature control. If you live in an area with medium to high hard water check out electric kettles for hard water.

Now that you know what to check for, it’s time to look at a few top rated hot tea machines available right now.



Fully Automatic Tea Maker Machine

Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea MakerThere’s no need to look further than the 1500 watt Breville One-Touch for a fully automatic tea maker machine that’s a tea lover’s dream! It is the best electric tea maker on the market but is expensive. It allows you to effortlessly make a perfect pot of tea, keeping it hot for up to an hour after brewing.

According to consumers, every pot comes out exactly right! Your tea is prepared at the proper temperature, no matter what type of tea you love: green, oolong, white or black. The Breville’s tea basket automatically moves up and down to allow the water to circulate around the tea leaves so that tea is completely infused. The perfect water temperature is held constant while the tea is steeped. Every variety of tea needs a different water temperature and a different brew time in order for it to develop into the perfect cup of tea, and that’s why the One-Touch is so good: it is programmable for the type of tea, rather than just for ‘tea’.

The Breville can be set to brew at a pre-programmed time, so that your tea is ready when you are; or, you can use your One-Touch to make hot water (perhaps for hot chocolate on a cold morning!). It works so well, is easy to use and very convenient.

Additionally, there is a ‘warm’ button featured on the unit that you can simply press and the warmer will come on for 60 minutes.  You can do this continuously to keep your pot hot all day long and an LCD display tells you how long it has been since the brew was made so you know how fresh it is at any given time.

The German made glass kettle is stain resistant and durable and the rest of the unit is a sleek brushed stainless steel. There’s even a tea scoop for measuring out the perfect cup of tea.

One consumer noted that when the carafe is full it is quite heavy to lift with one hand. While this appliance is designed for use with loose tea leaves, you can use it with tea bags. Just cut off the string, place the bag in the basket and start. In order to get a full strength of tea, set the brew time a bit higher than you would for loose leaves.

Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle

Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and KettleThose on a budget will appreciate this less expensive automatic tea brewer. The 1500 watt Cuisinart TEA-100 is a good choice if you are looking for a sturdy device that is easy to use and makes a pot of tea with several handy options.

The Cuisinart is a great electric kettle for home brewed tea. Like the Breville, it is also programmable, so you can have your tea ready when you want it, but the Cuisinart costs quite a bit less. Its stainless steel tea infuser for loose leaves or bagged tea has to be manually raised and lowered via the steeper lid, but it includes 6 preset temperatures for making a variety of teas of up to 1 litre. This nice tea maker also has the ‘keep warm’ function which will keep your tea warm at the temperature you select for 30 minutes; it heats quickly and is simple to use.

And again, for hot chocolate drinkers, you can also use the pot for just making hot water or for iced tea. The infuser comes right out to give you 1.2 litres, making it easy to heat your kettle of water to the perfect temperature or add ice directly to the pot and use the removable spout filter for iced tea. If this is not a big enough pitcher, you could consider getting a dedicated iced tea maker. Overheating and boil-dry is prevented with an auto-shut off.

Even better, as stated by the manufacturer, the plastic that touches the tea while it’s brewing is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping into your drink! The parts are dishwasher-safe.


Inexpensive Automatic Tea Brewer

Presto 02704 Heat ‘n Steep Electric Tea Kettle

Presto 02704 Heat and Steep Electric Tea KettleThose looking for a simple but fun tea kettle will love the Presto Heat ‘n Steep. This lovely kettle comes in a shiny black color and can give you up to 5 cups of tea. It’s affordable, attractive and does the job! It’s so convenient, it can be used at home or the office.

With the Presto, there is no more guessing if the water is at the right temperature for your tea, the built-in thermometer will always let you know and the timer on top of the kettle helps you find that perfect brewing time. You can set the timer and leave the room, making it easy to brew tea. Even though you have to set a preferred temperature, the included temperature guide recommends ideal settings for a variety of teas.

The Presto has a steeping basket with a fine mesh that is perfect for fine-cut tea leaves, leaving little or no mess behind! The kettle heats water quickly and is stainless steel on the inside and plastic on the outside, giving your tea a clean taste and making for easy clean up. A thermostat prevents the kettle from boiling dry.

The timer can only be set for increments of 1 minute, there is no on/off button and the power cord is rather short. Other than these negatives, you probably can’t get a better kettle for tea at this price.


KRUPS FL700D51 Electric Kettle with Incorporated Tea Infuser and Temperature Settings

KRUPS FL700D51 Electric Kettle with Tea InfuserIf you enjoy a perfect cup of tea, the 1500 watt Krups FL700D51 kettle is for you! Krups has designed an electric kettle and added a removable tea infuser to brew the perfect cup of tea, allowing you to use your favorite blend of tea, whatever it may be.

It’s simple to use and a steal at the price as you are paying for fine Krups quality. The height adjustable infuser basket is very well-constructed: It actually has a double layer, with the infuser sitting in a basket, which allows you to place additional items that may have a longer brewing time into the basket prior to lowering the tea infuser.  You can add extra spices, dried berries or even combine teas in this way to make your own special blend. Plus, the infuser leaves no plastic taste in your cup and it is top-rack dishwasher safe too.

The water heats quickly and Krups offers you 4 temperature settings which is just enough for brewing different types of teas. Once you’re happy with brewing time, you can raise the basket and a keep warm function works for up to 1 hour and then the unit shuts off. Once you’re ready to drink the tea, the pour spout has a fine mesh screen to prevent any loose tea dust from escaping into your cup.

Easy to use and easy to clean up–you can even remove the infuser, add a second included lid, and use the kettle to heat water for other needs, like hot chocolate, instant soup or coffee, oatmeal, etc. The 1.2 litre glass jar is durable and can hold 1 litre of water when the infuser is submerged. The base provides cord storage.

Even though the kettle is glass, the infuser is BPA-free plastic.


Coffee and Tea Maker in One Machine

Black & Decker CM3005S 12-Cup Tea and Coffeemaker

Black & Decker CM3005S 12-Cup Tea and CoffeemakerFor those of you who have both coffee and tea drinkers in the family, there’s no need to buy two separate machines – the Black & Decker CM3005S is a coffee and tea maker in one machine!  This affordable machine is a sleek, high quality brewer with a backlit LCD panel and ready light indicator. It is made of attractive stainless steel that will fit in with nearly any décor. It comes with two reusable brewing baskets – one for coffee and one for tea. If you want tea instead of coffee, you remove the mesh coffee filter from the top and insert the tea basket below.

The Black & Decker is easy to program and has some fun features, such as the “sneak a cup” function. This feature will allow you to grab a cup of coffee while the rest of the pot is brewing. It simply closes the drip valve to the carafe when the carafe is removed so you can have a cup if you don’t have the patience to wait for the full pot to brew (who does?)!

You can also pre-program your start time, so the coffee or tea is ready when you wake and choose the strength of your brew (for example, there is a “strong brew” feature for those who like a really strong pot of coffee). If you don’t want a full carafe, you can set your batch for one to four cups of coffee or tea, so the drip speed and extraction time is adjusted to give you a perfect time no matter the size of the batch. The “fresh brew” timer will tell you how long it’s been since the coffee or tea was brewed, so you are never left guessing. It has a 2 hour “keep warm” function, after which the machine will shut off.

The 12 cup carafe is non-stick and dishwasher-safe, as are the filters and other removable parts. An inbuilt water filtration system ensures that every batch of brew is pure and flavors from previous batches are washed away.

To make your tea, the Black & Decker will move the tea reservoir into the pot and then seals the leaves into the basket. The timer adds a 5 minute delay to the beeped alert to allow for extra steeping time, but you can shut it off earlier if needed. Total brew time is about 15 minutes per pot.

One negative about the tea function is that, in order to stop the tea leaves from steeping too long while the carafe is being kept warm, you have to lift the carafe from the base and remove the tea basket before putting it back on the base. There is no way to lift the basket out of the carafe while it is still in place. One way around this is to use the top coffee basket with a paper filter for making tea and using the strong setting. That way you don’t have to remove the tea filter.

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